A Japanese reporter approached and asked, “Where is Lee Jung-hoo?” 

 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) The morning of the 19th (Korean time) when the training of the baseball team was in progress. An Asian man approached a Korean reporter and asked Lee Jung-hoo (25), “Do you know where Lee Jong-beom’s son is?”

Showing his AD card and business card, he was a major league correspondent for a Japanese news agency. After introducing himself, the photo he took with Ichiro Suzuki in his childhood, which he showed himself, drew attention.

The correspondent who visited the training ground to cover the Korean national team did not know the exact name of Lee Jeong-hoo, but could not take his eyes off the training process. 슬롯사이트

The correspondent checked all of Lee Jung-hoo’s training and even held an official interview. He said, “I only covered the major leagues, so I don’t know much about Lee Jung-hoo’s interest in Japan. But I heard that major league clubs are interested in Lee Jung-hoo.”

The correspondent also mentioned the names of former and current Korean major leaguers. He praised Kim Ha-seong, who is active in the San Diego Padres, saying, “He is a good shortstop. Darvish talked about Kim Ha-seong a lot.”

Then, he remembered Kim Gwang-hyun, who played for the St. Louis Cardinals for two years, and wondered, “Is he still throwing well? Is Kim Gwang-hyun the only pitcher among the 2009 WBC members?”

In addition, we had conversations about various topics. The correspondent stressed that the Japanese national team this time is the strongest in the history of the WBC. He also added that he is better than the 2009 WBC winning member.

The Japanese national team included 5 major leaguers in the WBC roster: Shohei Ohtani (Angels), Yu Darvish (San Diego), Las Nuba (St. Louis), Seiya Suzuki (Cubs), and Masataka Yoshida (Boston).

Darvish drew attention by getting permission from his team and joining the national team training early. The correspondent expressed anticipation for Darvish’s participation in the WBC, saying, “This is my first appearance in 13 years since the 2009 tournament.” He was able to recognize the Japanese attitude towards the WBC and the importance of the tournament.

In addition, the correspondent asked interesting questions such as “How would Korea react if Korea beat Japan in the WBC final?”, “What do you think of the Japanese national team?”

His words hinted at his pride for the Japanese team. Even so, he smiled and said, “The outcome is unknown. Anything can happen.”

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