A promising player who dreams of becoming a ‘Korean Ohtani’

Like major league superstar Ohtani,메이저사이트 a high school prospect has appeared who is challenging ‘two batting jobs’.

Ohtani has become the world’s best baseball star with ‘two batting jobs’, but ‘two batting players’ are becoming increasingly rare in Korea.

As more and more people focus on either pitcher or batter from a young age, it is difficult to see a player who plays the ‘ace and number 4 hitter’ even in high school baseball.

So Jeon Mi-re, a senior in Gyeongbuk High School, is a unique existence.

[hello. My name is Jeon Mir, who dreams of becoming Ohtani in Korea.]

As a pitcher, his fastball that reaches 150 km/h stands out, and his long hitting power at bat is evaluated as the highest in high school. I set a goal.

[Jeon Mir/Gyeongbuk High School double player: I don’t think I can choose. (May I ask why?) To be asked to pick one is too wasteful, and I like both (pitcher and hitter)

. Having been delivered to SBS, Mir Jeon is determined to pursue her dream even if it is not an easy road.

[It was so cool that I only saw Ohtani at the WBC, and I fell in love. I have a strong desire to try something like that, so I can’t seem to give up.]

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