“Above half of high school students”… Is the wooden bat really the problem?

At the end of last year, the Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) conducted a survey of high schools participating in the national competition. The content was ‘Do you agree to change the bats used in high school leagues from wood to aluminum?’ An official from KBSA 먹튀검증 said in a phone call with this magazine, “I came up with an opinion that aluminum bats should be used, so I conducted a survey. As it is a big change in paradigm, it was not something that (the association) could do unilaterally, so I conducted a survey, but the opposition (more than half) A little more,” he said.

Recently, when the national baseball team was eliminated in the first round of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) three times in a row, replacing high school league bats came to mind as a plan to strengthen international competitiveness. The high school league changed bat specifications from aluminum to wood in 2004. At a young age, heavy and weak wooden bats are used, so batters cannot swing as hard as they can, and as the atmosphere of ‘go for it’ continues, the argument that pitchers’ individual skill development has stagnated is strengthened. A high school coach said, “The price of a wooden bat is about 150,000 won, which is an amount that cannot be ignored. There are cases where players cannot fully swing their swings because they are worried about the bat breaking.”

However, A high school coach voted against the use of aluminum bats in the KBSA survey. He said, “The positive effect of a wooden bat cannot be ignored.” If you use it in advance), it can be easy to adapt to the pros.” therefore “

“If an aluminum bat weighs 800g, a wooden bat weighs 850g,” said a high school coach at B. Usually, batted ball speed (BBS) is determined by the mass and swing speed of the bat.

According to an article titled “Baseball Physics: Home Run Analysis” published in 2009, increasing the speed of the bat improves the BBS more than increasing the mass of the bat. Studies have shown that doubling the weight of the bat increases the BBS by about 17%, and doubling the swing speed increases the BBS by about 35%. A lightweight aluminum bat can produce a faster and stronger hit, but it exposes the pitcher to that much risk. In 2003, 18-year-old American pitcher Brandon Patch died after being hit in the head by an aluminum bat (Louisville CB-13). The bereaved family and the bat company also engaged in a court battle over the cause of the accident.

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