Ahn Woo-jin, the next NO.2 “I can go to the US right now…” ML 15-win exclaims

Moon Dong-joo (20, Hanwha), the ‘Fireballer’ who threw a 160km fastball as the first Korean pitcher in the official KBO league, is growing fast. In his first full-time season, he quickly emerged as the team ace and began to explode his potential. 

He pitched먹튀검증 27⅔ innings in 5 games this year, recording 2 wins, 2 losses, an ERA of 2.28, 30 strikeouts, a WHIP of 0.08, and an average of 0.08 hits. His pitching quality is quite excellent, even considering that it was a little over a month after the start of the season. 

He was one out count in regulation innings, but among pitchers who threw 25 or more innings, he ranked sixth in earned run average and fourth in WHIP and batting average among 31 pitchers. Among domestic pitchers, all of them are second only to Ahn Woo-jin (Kiwoom). An Woo-jin is proud of his overwhelming performance this season with 2 wins, 2 losses, 2 wins, 2 losses, 59 strikeouts, 59 WHIP, 0.80 batting average, 1.27, and 7 losses in 7 games (44 innings) this season. 

Based on the KBO official record company, Sports 2 I PTS, the average speed of fastball was 151.4 km, following An Woo-jin (153.8 km). He is powerful not only with a fastball, but also with a curve with a large drop and a high-speed slider with an average of 140.7 km. He mainly uses three types of pitches, a fastball, a curve ball and a slider, and has even been equipped with control over runners. He has no stolen bases this year. There are times when the ball shakes, but it doesn’t collapse. 

Hanwha foreign pitcher Felix Pena (33), who has been watching Moon Dong-joo’s explosive growth for the second year, is also amazed. Pena said, “I have been with Moon Dong-ju since last year and have been close. We often share stories about the major leagues,” he said. “If you grow well in the current direction, you can go to the major leagues. If this friend has potential, it is possible right now.” 

Peña, from the Dominican Republic, has played six major league seasons with the Chicago Cubs in 2016-2017 and the Los Angeles Angels in 2018-2021. He is a veteran with a 15-8 record of 15 wins, 8 losses, 3 saves and 8 holds, an earned run average of 4.66 and 267 strikeouts in 104 career games (24 starts), going back and forth between the starter and the bullpen. 

Moon Dong-ju’s talent is special enough to be acknowledged by Pena, who has seen numerous players in the major leagues who fight raw meat. Pena also tries to lead Moon Dong-ju’s talent into a good way to the extent that he proposes to exercise on his day off. Even if they don’t understand each other, they play pranks on each other and have a close relationship so that they even have their own ceremony. 

Moon Dong-ju said, “I am grateful that Pena gave me a good evaluation. He gets help from Pena in many areas, not just baseball. He said, “I want to continue to get along well in the future,” and waved his hand, saying, “The major leagues are still far away.

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