Allegri furious at the crowd for swearing at the player…”Shut up and come down!”

Coach Massimiliano Allegri was angry at the fans who cursed the player.

Juventus recorded a 1-0 victory over Fiorentina in the 22nd round of Italian Serie A in the 2022-23 season held at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy at 2:00 am (Korean time) on the 13th. With this, Juventus recorded 29 points and moved up to 10th place.

Juventus’ recent atmosphere is the worst itself. This is because he was punished with a 15-point deduction for ‘accounting fraud’. As usual, it should have been in second place with 44 points, but due to the reduction in points, it fell to the middle ranks. The championship competition ended early, and the possibility of ‘entering the 4th place’ became slim.

The atmosphere soon led to performance. On this day, Juventus faced Fiorentina, who was one step below objective power, at ‘home’. However, it was pushed back in most indicators such as total shooting, possession, and pass success rate. In the 34th minute of the first half, Adrien Rabiot scored and took the lead, and although he kept it and won a new victory, it was not a performance that would satisfy the fans. 바카라

When this complex situation overlapped, some fans in the audience expressed their anger. According to the British media ‘Express’, a fan who was watching the match during the match was said to have cursed at Juventus striker Moise Keane.

A situation in which fans’ support is desperately needed. Rather, when he heard the criticism of the players, manager Allegri did not tolerate it. ‘Express’ said, “Coach Allegri went straight to the stands, pointed at the crowd who had been swearing, and said, ‘Shut up and come down here!

Although quickly calmed down by staff on the pitch, Allegri was unable to control his emotions after the match. “Our players need the support of the crowd. We don’t want the crowd to mock our players. It’s really disrespectful. You can boo us when we do bad things, otherwise don’t,” he said.

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