April MVP award. ERA 1.34 → 9.00 ‘Soaring’… “I came down from the heavenly world to the earthly world”

 Pitcher Na Kyun-an’s contribution to the Lotte Giants’ early season rankings cannot be overlooked.

Na Kyun-an,메이저사이트 who turned from catcher to pitcher in 2020, showed good pitching from the second half of last year and boasted an untouchable pitch in April this season.

Na Kyun-an started in 5 games in April and demonstrated the power of 4 wins and an undefeated ERA of 1.34. He threw 33.2 innings, allowing only 5 runs. In the five games Na Kyun-an started, Lotte won all.

However, there are many mistakes in May. Na Gyun-an became a losing pitcher with 5 runs in 4 innings against KIA on the 3rd, and on the 11th against Doosan, he recorded 8 hits and 4 runs in 5 innings. In May, it was 9 runs in 9 innings in 2 games (average ERA of 9.00).

Director Sutton said, “Everyone will remember how Na Kyun-ahn did very well in April. “I don’t think he’s been very sluggish in May,” he says with a laugh. “I think he came down from heaven.”

“Realistically, it would be difficult for Na Kyun-an to continue performing in April throughout the year. However, he is showing a competitive look on the mound, and although he concedes, he is creating a foothold for the team to win.”

Then, he mentioned the point of improvement. Coach Sutton said, “Na Gyun-an played well against Doosan, but he showed a part where he couldn’t adjust the ball distribution during the game.” was seen going. In addition, Na Kyun-an made adjustments, so I couldn’t respond well.”

As an example, Doosan Yang Eui-ji mentioned at-bat. It was pointed out that he got hits with two straight high-course fastballs. Coach Sutton said, “Na Kyun-an is a player who uses high fastballs well. However, Yang Eui-ji hit two strong line drive balls. Hitting a high, outside fastball should be seen as a hitter aiming for a hit. Before the game , he went

on the mound after designing pitching with the catcher through power analysis, but in the middle of the game, he had to change the opponent’s strategy and respond to it, but that part was not enough

. While reviewing the game, I think he will become a better pitcher if he examines his ability to adjust the ball mix when he is blocked and his ability to adjust during the game, and develops in that area.

” Manager Sutton said, “That’s right. The catcher has to do the same thing. But the catcher can’t take all the responsibility, and in the end, it’s the pitcher who has his hands on the ball. The pitcher has to take responsibility, and the catcher He also explained that the pitcher must be provided with a guide.”

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