Aren’t you worried about Kim Gwang-hyun and Choi Jeong? “Rather, I’d like to visit too.”

 “It’s a place that not everyone can go to.”

Controversy over selection of veteran players for the WBC national team. Director Kim Won-hyung blocked (?) the controversy at the source while not sympathizing at all. Among the SSG Landers players, Jeong Choi and Kwang-Hyun Kim were selected for the final entry for the WBC national team. Unfortunately, players in their 20s, such as Choi Ji-hoon and Park Seong-han, were listed in the preliminary entry, but the final entry was not selected, and only Choi Jeong and Kim Gwang-hyun, who were in their mid-30s, were selected.

In fact, as a team manager, you may be worried. Right now, SSG needs to prepare for the opening of the 2023 season. The WBC tournament will be held in March, but the regular season begins as soon as the players return to their teams after completing all schedules. In particular, Jeong Choi and Kwang-Hyun Kim are SSG’s two pillar players. As much as participating in an international competition a month before the opening, it cannot be said that there is no aftermath. In particular, in the case of pitcher Kim Gwang-hyun, if fatigue accumulates or poor condition, the opening start should be delayed. From the director’s point of view, things get complicated. 먹튀검증

However, coach Kim Won-hyeong emphasized the responsibility as a national representative rather than worry. Director Kim Won-hyung, who met with reporters before leaving for the spring camp on the 30th, said, ‘I’m not worried at all’ about Choi Jung and Kim Gwang-hyun. Coach Kim said, “Rather than when I was young, I think that now that I have become a senior, I think I will clearly know what to do.” There is nothing to worry about. I am a little worried about the process of building my body or how to prepare for the game, because the players have a sense of responsibility to do better. Aren’t the expectations for the national team Kim Gwang-hyun or Choi Jeong so high? The players are like that. I wish I could lighten the burden a little and do well.”

Director Kim Won-hyeong also said, “I’m a senior in the national team, so I hope I can lead my juniors well. I also support the WBC, and I also want to visit, watch and cheer.” “I think it’s a longing spot that people want to go to. Compared to before, when the players joked or cried that the national team’s schedule was difficult, they said, ‘This is a spot that no one can go to.'” As team coaches and baseball seniors, they sent a ‘fighting’ message to Choi Jeong and Kim Gwang-hyun, saying, “I think better results will come out if we shake off the sense of responsibility and burden.”

As coach Kim Won-hyeong said, Choi Jeong and Kim Gwang-hyun are preparing more than anyone else with a strong sense of how to prepare and what to do as national representatives. It is the coach’s mind that he wants to forget the regular season for a while and come back after playing a game without regret as a national team player.

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