“Become a prostitute, become a prostitute” A coach who wants to return to the old prostitute

The LG Twins are having a spring camp at the San Francisco Giants Baseball Complex located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA on the 7th (Korean time).

Beast team batting training time.

While the three groups rotated, Hong Chang-ki repeated the fake bunt and slash under the guidance of coach Kim Min-ho.

Watching this, coach Kim Min-ho, like a ‘passionate coach’, revived Hong Chang-ki’s spirit and said, “It becomes a changi, it becomes a changi. I have to come back to the old prostitute,” he cheered. 온라인바카라

It is to revive the good form of Hong Chang-ki, who won the on-base king in 2021.

Unlike 2021, when he played his best role, last year, due to an oblique muscle injury, the batting balance collapsed after taking a break for over a month, and after returning, he could not regain his good batting performance in the first half.

That’s why Hong Chang-ki’s resolution this season is different. First of all, the big goal is to complete a season without injury.

“I am confident this season. It’s not easy to say that I was temporarily sluggish last year, but I think I was sluggish due to injuries. I think that if you prepare well as you do, you can show a good enough image.”

Behind Hong Chang-ki’s confidence, there is a strong coach Kim Min-ho who stands by his side.

More than anyone else, I want the appearance of ‘changi’ in 2021. 

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