Birth of a ‘reservist myth’? Macam Survival → KIA Younggun to the United States Full of expectations

 He broke through the barriers of fierce competition. Now you have a chance to compete for the first team.

Attention is focusing on the performance of Lee Tae-gyu (23), who will join the KIA Tigers’ spring camp in Arizona, USA. The focus is on whether he, who was recognized for his potential at the Seogwipo finishing camp in Jeju as a foster player last year, will show his performance in line with expectations at this spring camp, where he will breathe with the main pitchers of the first team.

Lee Tae-gyu completed the verification of the training academy and Futures (2nd group) operated by KIA. Joining the team after being discharged from active duty in May of last year, he found a solution to his chronic anxiety over the ball while going through his academy life. He also recorded the highest speed of 152 km in the actual appearance at the end of the Futures League. After going through the finishing camp, he joined Geelong Korea of ​​the Australian Professional Baseball (ABL) and pitched in three games. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk, who watched Lee Tae-gyu’s pitching on the field during the Jeju finishing camp, chose to give Lee Tae-gyu a chance at this spring camp. 토토사이트

In the meantime, Lee Tae-gyu had a fast ball, but was classified as a so-called ‘unusable pitcher’ due to anxiety about the ball. However, through the KIA Academy, finishing camp, and Geelong Korea, he focused on stable control. In particular, the positive side was often noticeable in the use of the breaking ball, which had been evaluated as lacking compared to the fastball. Lee Tae-gyu said, “In the past, I used to throw every ball with strength. But after going through the academy, I think I learned how to use strength.” I was able to,” he said.

After joining the pros, he failed to leave a noteworthy result, but he faced a turning point in his life while serving in the military as an active duty soldier. Lee Tae-gyu said, “I didn’t have a chance to catch the ball, but I was able to do a lot of basic physical exercise, and I was able to get a lot of help because the equipment was well-equipped.” I always got hurt at important timings (after being discharged), and as I came up with tips, I was able to build my body more easily and comfortably.”

Of course, joining the spring camp does not mean entering the first team. It is true that Lee Tae-gyu’s presence is faint among the outstanding pitchers who have kept the mound for the first team. It seems that the first task will be whether he can properly show his strengths in that he is at the stage where his ‘possibility’ is tested.

In terms of mound depth, KIA is the top team in the league. In addition to the foreign one-two punch, the native starting lineup is solid, including Yang Hyeon-jong (35), Lee Eui-ri (21), and Lim Ki-young (30), and even Kim Dae-yu (32), who has been added as a compensation player to the bullpen, such as Jung Hae-young (22) and Jeon Sang-hyun (27), has no time to leak. . If Lee Tae-gyu, who has solved his homework and showed potential, is added, the diversity of the KIA mound will inevitably become even stronger.

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