“Bring that bastard back!”… Who is the MF requested by Manchester United fans?

 English Premier League Manchester United fans have requested the return of Paul Pogba (Juventus).

The reason for this sudden request has to do with Juventus’ severe punishment. Juventus was accused of fraudulent accounting and received a severe penalty of 15 points reduction. Hopes for winning the league as well as the UEFA Champions League have virtually disappeared. 메이저사이트

As a result, Manchester United fans decided it was the perfect time to make a comeback for Pogba. Pogba is one of the best midfielders in the world who joined Juventus from Manchester United in 2022. He made a name for himself as a ‘bad boy’ during his Manchester United days, but it cannot be denied that his competitiveness and performance were top-notch.

Britain’s ‘Express’ introduced the reaction of Manchester United fans.

Manchester United fans say: “Bring Pogba back to United this summer”, “Pogba’s heart is red”, “Pogba deserves better at Manchester United”, “Man United can bring it back” “, “The midfield with Pogba and Casemiro is the best in the world”, etc.

Not everyone was in favor. There were also objections. Some Manchester United fans expressed critical views, such as “I’d rather swim in water with sharks than see Pogba again at Manchester United”, “I don’t understand those who want a Pogba comeback”, and “I don’t want to see Pogba again”.

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