Brooklyn, which is going well, decides to guarantee Watanabe’s contract

The Brooklyn Nets retain their current roster.

According to USA Today reporter Michael Scoto, Brooklyn has agreed to guarantee the contract of Watanabe Yuta (guard-forward, 203cm, 98kg).

In addition to Watanabe, Brooklyn has also decided to guarantee the salaries of Edmund Sumner and Markif Morris this season. As much as he needs to maintain his existing power, it is to continue the season with a player who fits well into the team.

Brooklyn brought in Watanabe and Morris ahead of this season. He filled the roster by contracting with them on terms he did not guarantee. He wanted to reinforce the player base by transfusing a large number of backup forwards. All of them survived through the preseason and succeeded in entering the squad. Since then, Watanabe has melted into a solid supporter of the team. Sumner is also adding strength from the bench. 토토사이트

Watanabe has appeared in 26 games for Brooklyn this season. He is averaging 7.5 points (.555 .521 .714) and 2.8 rebounds in 18.3 minutes per game. As the indicator shows, it boasts a high field goal success rate and 3-point shot success rate. He is averaging 1.5 3-pointers with a success rate of over 50%. There are many good ballhandlers in Brooklyn, so they are easily taking shot opportunities and scoring.

He is having the best season of his career, posting the most average points since entering the NBA. Even before the start of this season, survival did not seem easy. However, after signing a contract with Brooklyn, he always worked diligently during the training camp. Although he was not guaranteed a contract, he entered the squad, and his performance during the season exceeded expectations.

He is doing a great job off the bench this season alone, scoring double-digit points in as many as 10 games. In games where he scored more than 10 points, Brooklyn boasted a high win rate, winning 7 wins. Brooklyn, which has a lot of tall power, is becoming a clear piece in strengthening its power. In mid-November, he exploded a season-high 20 points, including five 3-pointers.

Sumner is also working hard. He was unable to play last season due to a ruptured Achilles, but this season he has made a comeback. In 33 games so far this season, he is averaging 6.8 points (.456 .281 .931), 1.4 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 14.4 minutes. It wasn’t his pre-injury performance, but he showed enough potential. Maurice also comes out intermittently to help.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn is in second place in the Eastern Conference with 26 wins and 13 losses. Even at the beginning of the season, it was sluggish, but it has definitely changed after the manager change. Not only did they run 12 consecutive wins, the most in the season, but they also boasted a remarkable win rate during the same period with 17 wins and 2 losses in the last 19 games. Currently, they are playing 3 consecutive matches in the East, and after the game against Miami Heat on the 9th (Korean time), they will move to their home.

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