CHI, Big 3 Trade to Recruit 2nd and 3rd Candidates?

Miller’s value is growing.

Brandon Miller, who is scheduled to participate in the 2023 NBA draft, recently had an interview with ‘NBC Sports Chicago’. Miller shared his impressions after meeting with the Chicago Bulls at this meeting.

Miller, from the University of Alabama, is a big wing that many NBA teams are eyeing. He averaged 18.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 38.4 percent shooting percentage in the NCAA this season.

As his stats suggest,토토사이트Miller’s primary weapon is the 3-point shot. He is a resource who can put a 3-point shot at any time and anywhere with a variety of skills. He is relatively old compared to other prospects, but he can show his presence on both sides of the offense and defense, so he can be immediately utilized as a sense of power.

Interest in these Millers is growing. Chicago, which does not have the right to draft Miller, also met with him in person.

Miller responded positively, saying, “The meeting was held in a good atmosphere. It was a place where I could see how I had grown. I think just talking to someone creates a bond. This bond is the most important thing in a career.”

Chicago could be aiming for the third pick, held by the Portland Trail Blazers, for Miller’s pick.

Chicago challenged for the presidency with the Big 3 leading to Demar DeRozan, Jack Lavin and Nicola Vucevic. However, it was not enough to defeat the strong players of the Eastern Conference, such as the Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. The time has come to make a new board.

As a result, Chicago can acquire Miller through a trade with Portland, which sold the Big 3.

However, even with the third pick, Miller’s recruitment cannot be 100% guaranteed. This is because the Charlotte Hornets, who have the second pick, are also targeting Miller.

Currently, Scoot Henderson and Miller from the G-League Ignite are being discussed as strong candidates for second place. Charlotte has superstar Ramelo Ball, so there’s a chance he’ll pick Miller instead of Henderson, whose role overlaps. Several NBA executives also expect Charlotte to pick Miller with the second pick.

It remains to be seen whether Miller will wear a Chicago or Charlotte uniform, or other variables will arise.

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