‘Clean-eyed’ Tuhell seeks successor to Tottenham Conte…”As rumored, I am also interested”

Isn’t this one of the few coach upgrades from Tottenham’s point of view?

Reporter Kevin Palmer of England’s ‘Sunday World’ reported on the 18th (Korean time), “Former Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel wants the position of Tottenham manager.”

Conte, who led Tottenham’s reversal last season, is not good this season. He was criticized for his poor performance and worst performance in the league. 메이저사이트

Conte signed a 2+1 contract with Tottenham. The contract with Tottenham ends at the end of this season, but the club has an additional option.

Even in Sanghwa, which is sluggish, coach Conte is still in an advantageous position for negotiations with big clubs such as Juventus who want him.

Tottenham is concerned that manager Conte’s departure will lead to a chain of dominoes, such as the transfer of Harry Kane. It has been reported that coach Tuchel, who has shown more than Dan Conte’s performance, is showing interest in Tottenham’s command tower.

Coach Tuchel is a manager who left behind achievements in Dortmund-Chelsea. In particular, during his time at Chelsea, he led the European Football Association (UEFA) to win the Champions League (UCL).

Coach Dan Tuchel’s problem is friction with the club. Both Dortmund and Chelsea were forced to leave the club in disgrace due to friction with the owners and players.

Palmer emphasized, “Coach Tuchel, who was previously mentioned as a candidate for Tottenham manager, is actually interested in returning to London.

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