Coach Lee Jung-hyo, who predicted ‘attack ahead’, “There is no football to protect, I am responsible” 

 Coach Lee Jung-hyo (48), who leads Gwangju FC, foreshadowed the 2023 season’attack-only’ football.

Coach Lee Jeong-hyo insisted at a press conference at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held in Jeju on the 8th, “I will pursue soccer aggressively no matter what.”

Manager Lee made his debut as manager of his K-League club when he took over as head coach of Gwangju last season. Some expressed concerns about the fact that Lee, who was the first professional coach, was entrusted with the Gwangju baton.

However, coach Lee ignored the concerns around him and achieved promotion to the first division by setting the record for the most wins and points in the K-League 2 last season.

Coach Lee, who brought Gwangju back to the K-League 1 after a year with hot attacking football, revealed that he intends to maintain aggressive football in the first division as well.

The following is a Q&A from director Lee Jeong-hyo.

– A word about your feelings ahead of the new season.

During winter training, I prepared well with the players. There are some things that don’t work out well, but I think it will improve a lot because the players understand it well.

– You returned to K-League 1 after a year. I would like to hear what kind of contest he plans to face with strong teams this season.

Gwangju City and its citizens think we climbed up easily, but we climbed up with blood, tears and sweat. I came up with all my passion on the playground, but it’s a pity that those parts seem to have faded. Once again, I want you to know that our players came up with blood, sweat and tears.

Obviously, K-League 1 is different from K-League 2, but the direction Gwangju goes will not change. I intend to move aggressively in the direction we pursued no matter what. If we score 1 goal, we will score 2 goals, and if we score 2 goals, we will score 3 goals.

-You said you would play ‘dirty football’ at Media Day last year. Please describe football this season in one word.

Let’s courageously challenge ourselves. I told the players that I would challenge myself with courage and take full responsibility.

– You said that there are some things that don’t go well in training. Are there any problems with the players’ condition or tactical training?

The condition of the players is good. However, I gave a lot of difficult homework, but it is regrettable that the players do not understand it well. It’s unfortunate, but I think it will get better as we play.

-I want to know what kind of homework was given to the players.

They are divided into two teams and have them alternate between offense and defense, but everyone is having a hard time. As soon as the players seem to have adapted, they change their offense and defense right away, but it seems that the players are having a hard time because they have to use their brains a lot.

-When I was a coach, I worked as a ‘promotion contract’ with coach Ki-il Nam (Jeju), and then I challenged K-League 1 as a manager.

I was promoted twice with coach Ki-il Nam. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I was trying to play soccer to protect myself. When I become a coach, I think the only way to challenge (in the K-League 1) is to attack, so I have no intention of playing soccer that protects the players even for the sake of their growth.

– Do you have any intention of playing soccer that protects you even in fights with strong teams?

I think it would be unfair if we fought while protecting Ulsan, Jeju, and Suwon. So I plan to keep the color I have.

– Tell us about your impressions of the transfer market.

I kept the players I was trying to protect, and the players I recruited came yesterday. I’m relieved that I can do it with the room I’m constructing, but I think I need at least two more people. I think that way I can run the season more comfortably and try something different.

– How do you control the players?

When I’m on the playground, people change. After training, I live like an uncle or a brother in the neighborhood. Athletes also say this a lot. Everyone is a professional player, so I understand everything and get along well.

-You said you felt ignored last year, but do you think that has changed now?

When I attended my first media day, I honestly felt ignored. I don’t care, but there are some players who trained hard, but I felt bad because I felt like I was ignoring the team itself while ignoring the rookie coach.

They also say that they will be demoted because it is a test bed now. I think Korea is a country where compliments are stingy. So I try to praise the players a lot. There are a lot of people around me who envy me and want me to fail, so I try to work harder.

– Due to the nature of the promoted team, it is essential to manage points in order to remain. Do you intend to maintain attacking football even if you are worried about relegation at the end of the season?

I don’t want to compromise. There are many young and potential players in Gwangju, so we have to do that if we want to send them to the Asian Cup, Asian Games and Olympics.

– Tell us your goals for this season.

Yesterday new players also came and said their goals. Some say it is reckless confidence, but I am not reckless, I am confident because I believe in the players. I see the players change as they train every day. So I look forward to seeing how high the players will go in the K League 1. 토토사이트

The specific goal is to have a lot of (players) selected for the national team. I will only share the K League 1 goals with the players.

-Kim Jong-woo (Pohang) said he cried a lot when he left.

(Kim) Jong-woo and I are very sorry. Jong-woo was having a hard time, but he talked a lot with me during winter training, so I was looking forward to it a lot. Jong-woo is a good player. That’s why Pohang presented a lot of transfer fees, and that’s why the vacancy will be big. It’s very unfortunate, but there are many good players in Gwangju, so I think they will make up for it.

-Is there a phrase that you use as your motto?

There are 3 phrases I am registering on my profile. Sujeokcheonseok (水適穿石, water droplets pierce a rock), Lee Cheongdeuksim (以聽得心, gain the heart by hearing), and Yindeokyangbo (陰德陽報, doing good in an invisible place will definitely get a reward). Remembering these three things, treat the players around you.

– He came dressed very well.

It is regrettable that there is still a sentiment in Korea that a professor at Seoul National University should teach, and that only a competent person can teach. I don’t know what will happen to me later, but I have big dreams. That’s why I tell players to dream big. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, you can’t achieve your dreams, and I think you can’t be the best if you wear comfortable clothes.

-I want to ask what Gwangju needs to do to secure a stable place in the K-League 1.

I think the environment is more of a problem than a soccer problem in Gwangju. There are not many places for Gwangju players to train, so they rent a training ground, but they were only allowed to use it for two hours, so they were kicked out. We need a playground where players can exercise freely.

Fortunately, Mayor Kang Ki-jung (Gwangju) said that he would make the playground bigger, but if this part is improved, it will be the basis for Gwangju to settle in K-League 1. And for me to speak out like this, I have to get good grades, so I’m working hard.

-How to discover players’ potential.

I feel like I have potential. If you look at the players, you can see their potential, and if you meticulously guide them, they can become better players. To this end, players should also be motivated by targeting the national team by age group.

-Last year, you gave fans laptops as a promise to win. Do you have any promises this year?

I said it in the last interview, but if we get good results, there’s nothing more we can do for you. Now that we have shown it, I hope that the club or fans will give us (a present).

Now that I’m tired of making promises, it would be nice if the fans gave presents to our players at the last home game, or give presents to about 50 people including players and staff through a lottery.

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