‘Dirty Player’ Brooks “James come out! I’ll knock him out in the first round”

, who is notorious for being a ‘dirty player’ in the NBA, provoked LeBron James (LA Lakers).

Brooks is a ‘bad boy on the court’ who is often criticized for making unsportsmanlike plays against opponents during matches. “I don’t hate anyone,” Brooks said in an interview with Clutch Point on the 12th (Korean time). “I just want to have an edge over the competition,” he said. “But it’s okay to face James in the first round of the playoffs. I’ll knock him out right away.

he shouted.

“The Lakers have a lot of good players.카지노사이트 It’s going to be a good first-round matchup for us,” Brooks said.

Brooks looks set to defend James against the Lakers.

Brooks made just 24.4 percent of his field goals this regular season against the Lakers. His 3-point shooting percentage is 30%. He averaged 9.7 points per game. In his most recent game on March 8 (hereinafter Korean time), only 5 out of 17 field goal attempts were successful.

However, he expects it to be different in the playoffs. It’s up to you how to stop James.

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