“Does the word ‘return’ suit me?”

“I don’t think the word ‘return’ suits me.”

Returning to the field after two months, he went 2 hits in 4 at-bats for 2 days and made a big success. However, Samsung Lions outfielder Kim Hyeon-jun (21) was adamant. When asked if he was happy with his performance after a long absence, Kim Hyun-joon said, “There are still many shortcomings.”

Kim Hyun-jun recorded 1 hit in 3 at-bats in the 2023 KBO Futures League held at Gyeongsan Ball Park on the 18th. In the first game of his return the previous day (17th), he succeeded in getting on base 100% with 1 hit and 2 walks, and reported his return the next day as well.

Kim Hyeon-joon,메이저사이트 who we met after the game, said, “Everything except for the hands is 100% or more. Only the strength of the hand is still regrettable,” he said. He seems to get tired quickly because he focuses twice and pays attention to the painful parts.” However, he soon said, “The timing is good and the sense of the game is good. I think he will get better if he adapts a little more.”

Hyunjun Kim, Samsung. Provided by Samsung

For Kim Hyeon-jun, March and April were months of trials. Last year, he overcame the hell training at the finish camp and did well in the spring camp, but suffered an unexpected injury in the demonstration game and fell off the horse. He thought it was a simple pain, but it was a major injury (fracture of the hyoid bone) that required surgery. At the hospital, he was diagnosed with “it will take three months to return.” For him, who was looking forward to the new season after establishing himself as the main center fielder and leadoff player in the team last year, the news was like a thunderbolt.

Looking back, he said, “I ran only looking ahead,” and said bitterly, “Even during the demonstration game, I was told to adjust my pace, but I decided that I was lacking on my own, so I continued training and ended up getting sick.” However, Kim Hyun-jun said, “I learned a lot (through this injury).” He said, “Because baseball is a long-term race, I felt that injury management is important, and I learned the need for rest properly. When I can’t be sure, I have to let go, but I just looked ahead and ran. I will have to be careful in the future.”

Kim Hyun-joon is also famous for his desire to win. Maybe he was angry or frustrated with himself for not being able to play due to an unexpected injury. However, he said, “I thought it was an injury that would have happened someday, even if it wasn’t then, and I thought it would be better to get hurt early now (before the season).” Rather, he learned the importance of rest, and said that he used the last two months as a time to put down his thoughts about baseball for a while. He said, “Actually, I haven’t watched the game well in the meantime. It was because I felt impatient and couldn’t rest properly. (Return approaching) Now I’m watching little by little,” he laughed.

Kim Hyun-joon of Samsung who took a picture after the interview. Gyeongsan = Reporter Yoon Seung-jae

After a long wait, Kim Hyun-joon will return to the first team on the 19th. On the 18th, Samsung coach Park Jin-man said, “(In the aftermath of the injury) there seems to be no difficulty in playing except for hitting. I haven’t played for a long time, so I must have lost the sense of the game, but I think it would be better to learn a sense in the first team, so I’m calling up tomorrow (19th).” It is the return to the first team that both the player himself and the fans have been waiting for.

However, Kim Hyun-joon said, “I don’t think the word ‘return’ suits me.” He said, “(Old) Ja-wook is a person who can help the team right away, the word ‘return’ would be appropriate, but I am a player who has to compete again when I go up to the first team.” However, his confidence and desire to win are full. He said, “If I go up to the first team (as before), I will do my best to play hard on the ground.”

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