Even rumors of GK replacement for ‘6th place in the ranking of conceded points’… “The decline of cooking is too obvious”

Tottenham Hotspur insider John Wenham has criticized the failure to sign a replacement for Hugo Lloris.

The British ‘Football Insider’ said on the 3rd (Korean time), “Tottenham are having a big problem with not being able to sign a new goalkeeper in the transfer market in January.” reported the content of the interview. 토토사이트

Lloris joined Tottenham from Olympique Lyonnais in the summer of 2012. Except for his first season, he has established himself as an undisputed main player by playing more than 40 games in all competitions every season. Lloris has already played 442 games in the Tottenham uniform for the 11th season.

However, he has been struggling lately. Even if you look at this season alone, Tottenham is currently conceding 31 runs in the English Premier League (EPL). This is a record that corresponds to the 6th place from the bottom. Anxiety in Tottenham’s defensive line is also a cause, but it can be seen that the frequent mistakes of goalkeeper Lloris also play a large role in the high run rate.

Recently, mistakes that are not like Yoris have been coming out. In the ‘North London Derby’ match against Arsenal held last month, goalkeeper Lloris made a mistake by not properly handling Bukayo Saka’s cross and putting it into his own net. He has not shown any sense of stability, conceding four runs in the head-to-head match against Manchester City. According to the football statistics media ‘Opta’, Tottenham is known to have made three mistakes that led to direct conceding this season.

In response, Wenham insisted on strengthening the uneasy back door. “One more thing I would like to mention is the goalkeeper situation,” Wenham told Football Insider. I opened my mouth.

He continued: “Lloris is a legend, but his decline is so marked that he is in a dangerous situation where he concedes goals. The alternative is Fraser Foster, but he is not good enough to be in our starting lineup. We have a big problem with the goalkeeper position. There is,” he added.

Tottenham also circulated rumors of a goalkeeper in the winter transfer market. Jordan Pickford, who is guarding Everton’s goal, is the main character. Wenham also recommended goalkeeper David Raya from Brentford.

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