FA conglomerate No. 1 goes over the fence with ‘Tung’? Lee Seung-yeop shook his head… I’m sure I saw ‘this’

“I’m going to hit it hard.”

Yang Eui-ji (35), Doosan’s signature hitter and the best catcher in the KBO League. Looking at his blows, it doesn’t seem to give him much power. If the hitting sound of ordinary hitters is ‘kwang’, Yang Eui-ji’s is closer to ‘tung’ or ‘tuk’. SBS Sports commentator Lee Soon-cheol said, “It was passed by the centrifugal force of the bat” while analyzing Yang Eui-ji’s home run in the Doosan-KIA match on the 13th.

When an average batter hits a home run, there is a strong feeling that he ruthlessly breaks the ball with firewood, but it is true that Yang Eui-ji has a strong feeling that he presses the ball well with a bat. Anyway, if you draw an arc with a bat, in addition to the physical force applied by a person, a centrifugal force is created. Commissioner Lee Soon-chul explained that Yang Eui-ji uses this well.

However,메이저놀이터Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop raised his head when he heard that Eui-ji Yang hit a home run with a ‘thunk’. He laughed ahead of the Gocheok Kiwoom match on the 17th and said, “Absolutely not. I will hit it hard.” In fact, coach Lee also had a strong feeling of hitting a home run with a soft swing rather than power during his active career. However, Lee laughed again and said, “I always hit as hard as I could.”

It should be seen that it naturally shifts the center of gravity in its own mechanics, but gives strong power at the hitting point. In the case of Yang Eui-ji, it should be seen that he has a swing that makes good use of the centrifugal force here. At this point, director Lee said, “If you look at Yang Eui-ji’s bat these days, it seems that the end of the bat remains. If the head remains, it goes as it is.”

What does it mean? Yang Eui-ji did not improve his batting condition throughout April. He honestly confessed that he was anxious because he had few home runs while hitting home runs in three consecutive games against Jamsil KIA on the 13th and 14th and against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 16th. Director Lee said of Yang Eui-ji’s recent swing, “It’s a perfect swing. The feeling is coming back.”

He said, “The difference is whether the end of the bat remains or not. Recently, Yang Eui-ji’s head has remained well. He must have found a psychological margin.” In the end, it means that a home run comes out well if you swing slowly and strongly while leaving the tip of the bat sufficiently behind without rushing out of the hitting point. It is also said that this part was not seen at the beginning of the season.

Another interesting thing is that Yang Eui-ji hit a home run in three consecutive games, and most of them watched the home run until the end and ran to first base. It wasn’t because he wanted to do a flashy ceremony like a bat flip. Director Lee laughed and said, “If you are a hitter like Yang Eui-ji, you instinctively know (home runs).” If you have a good swing, if the head of the bat stays behind enough and draws a good trajectory while leaving, it means that you are a player enough to watch the batted ball and run.

Anyway, Yang Eui-ji came back like Yang Eui-ji. “Our pitchers’ numbers are slightly better than last year, and I think the secret is the strength of will. His hits also came up a lot. He’s a really helpful player when he’s healthy and puts on his catcher’s mask and goes to the game. He said, “I think he is still doing more than money (15.2 billion won for 4 + 2 years).”

He, of course, did not affirm. Coach Lee said, “Judging by the performance he shows, he has only played about 30 games. It’s too early to evaluate. All contracts are to evaluate the past after the contract is over.” However, Director Lee’s remarks were full of conviction.

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