‘Failure to stay again’ Dallas releases former All-Star guard Kemba Walker

Dallas sent Walker.

Reporter Mark Stein of ‘The Stain Line’ announced on the 7th (Korean time) that the Dallas Mavericks released guard Kemba Walker.

One of Dallas’ biggest challenges this season is easing the burden on Luka Doncic, who has grown too big. Thinking of a way to lighten Doncic’s burden even a little, Dallas recruited ball handler Walker, who remained as a free agent, at the end of November last year.

Walker was a guard who made a name for himself enough to be selected to the All-NBA Third Team while at Charlotte. Walker, who left an impression with explosive speed and offense, has a history of being selected as an All-Star four times.

However, Walker’s career took a complete turn after moving to Boston. A chronic knee injury caught his ankle, and his weakness, the defensive problem, was greatly highlighted. Walker, who was traded from Boston after two seasons after a large contract, tried to make a comeback in New York, but even that failed. 

Walker, who suffered the humiliation of being rotated out during the season in New York, was traded again and parted ways with the team to become a free agent. Dallas is the team that found Walker, who had been on the free agent market for a long time even after the start of the season. As a result, Walker went through five teams (Boston-Oklahoma City-New York-Detroit-Charlotte) in a period of nearly a year and five months.

The start in Dallas was good. On December 18, when Doncic was missing, he played a big role, scoring 32 points against Cleveland. Walker, whose role in his attack temporarily increased, showed off his scoring ability for the first time in a long time. 토토

However, Walker’s performance unfortunately did not continue. He had the ups and downs that had been holding him back since his Boston days, and his playing time was drastically reduced. In the match against Boston on the 6th, he only played 2 minutes.

Ultimately, Dallas, feeling that Walker wasn’t much of a help to the team, decided to release him and make room on the roster. Walker, who was even selected as an All-Star, is going through a difficult time.

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