Ferdinand gave this compliment… “Best EPL right now”

Rio Ferdinand praised Lisandro Martinez as the best defender in the league right now.

Martinez joined Manchester United ahead of the season. Coach Eric ten Hag, who had been with Ajax, sent a love call to himself after taking the helm of Manchester United, and Martinez had no reason to refuse it. For Martinez, the transfer to Manchester United was an opportunity to play for a big club and experience a bigger league, and Martinez chose the challenge. Being familiar with Ten Hag’s style was also one of the reasons Martinez chose to go to Manchester United.

He had many doubts and concerns. Martinez’s height is 175 cm, which is quite short considering his position as a centre-back. It is a big disadvantage that the physical condition is unfavorable from the point of view of the center back, who often has to compete with opponent strikers, including aerial competition situations. Moreover, the English Premier League (EPL) is famous for its roughness compared to other leagues, and there are often teams that aim for aerial balls with good strikers in front, so it was pointed out that Martinez would not be able to adapt to the league. 토토사이트

Martinez cleared doubts with his skills. Manchester United’s defense, which was shaken when Harry Maguire played, quickly found stability when the combination of Martinez and Rafael Baran was activated. Martinez showed off his long-term build-up ability to the fullest and played the style coach Ten Hagh wanted. The competition situation, which was a concern, was resolved with a tough defense. Now, after half the season, Martinez is fully adapted to the EPL.

Manchester United defensive legend Ferdinand also applauded Martinez. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ highlighted Ferdinand’s remarks, saying, “Ferdinand claims that Martinez is the best defender in the EPL based on his current performance.”

Ferdinand said on his podcast ‘FIVE’ recently, “I don’t think there’s any debate about his performance. Martinez can dominate the game, he has an attacking nature, he is a team leader, he has good communication skills.” It’s good, it’s a player who is in that position at an important moment,” he praised Martinez.

However, he added some concern, saying, “But I have the thought, ‘If the team isolates him, will he be able to compete?’ Of course, Martinez has never been like that before.”

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