“Gather the best players, build the worst team, best example, Chelsea!”… Klopp’s ‘Criticism’

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has criticized Chelsea and Chelsea owner Todd Boelli.

Chelsea spent the previous winter’s transfer market and recruited the best players, but the team collapsed. It fell to 12th in the English Premier League (EPL) and was eliminated early in all other competitions. In addition, head coach Graham Porter was sacked, and interim head coach Frank Lampard came, but they are on a five-game losing streak.

Toward this kind of Chelsea,ㅋㅋㅋ벳 manager Klopp made a strong voice. He criticized “Chelsea is a team that shows an example of what not to do, and Boelli is the owner” through the UK’s ‘Sky Sports’.

“Boelli underestimated running a football club. He underestimated the players and made the managers do almost impossible tasks,” Klopp said.

Klopp also added criticism: “Honestly, I like Chelsea because it didn’t work out. Chelsea got the best players, I thought they would work, but they didn’t. They got the best players and set a good example of what didn’t work.” .

In Klopp’s eyes, Chelsea fell apart. “You can’t have two locker rooms, you can’t train with two teams. Being a team means you have to create a relationship, you have to create a team spirit. That’s the only happiness I feel when I lead a team.”

Lastly, Klopp predicted that Chelsea would be strong next season. “In the end, Chelsea will be fine. Next season they will be incredibly strong. Chelsea have to bring in good players and build a new team. They have to throw out the sensational stories and write a new story.”

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