Golden lion, robot referee applied at Mokdong Stadium

The Golden Lion, which covers the first high school baseball game of the year, opens on the weekend.

Starting on the 14th,토토사이트 the National High School Baseball Tournament and Weekend League Wangjungwangjeon, the contest for the golden lion, will be held at Mokdong Stadium and Shinwol Stadium. It will be held at two stadiums until the round of 32, and from the round of 16, 100% of the schedule will be digested at Mokdong Stadium. This variable has also become quite important in the Golden Lion.

First of all, all games held at Mokdong Stadium will be able to judge the ball by robot referees. Therefore, at least in the ball count judgment, the two schools facing each other will be put under the same conditions. However, Shinwol Baseball Stadium does not have such a device installed, so robot referee decisions do not apply. However, like Mokdong Stadium, it is different from the previous ones in that cameras are installed to enable video reading and YouTube relaying.

The association explained the current situation, saying, “Since the Shinwol Baseball Stadium was created as a park that can be used by local residents, the efficiency of installing AI equipment is low, so even if you want to install it, you can’t.” However, he made it clear that he would make it as similar as possible to the game held at Mokdong Stadium.

As a result, each school also had the task of operating the game flexibly according to the situation at Shinwol/Mokdong Stadium. The role of the center referee has become more important than anything else at Shinwol Baseball Stadium, where robot referees cannot judge the ball.

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