Gunadan Shinhan Bank coach “The part that came out of the turnover needs to be torn down and fixed”… Director Kim Do-wan Hana 1 Q “The bare face was revealed”

Shinhan Bank succeeded in winning 3 consecutive wins for the first time in the season.

Incheon Shinhan Bank won 71-57 against Bucheon HanawonQ in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 regular league game held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 21st.

With this victory, Shinhan Bank succeeded in reducing the ride between Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and Busan BNK, which tied for second place, by one game.

The match continued at Shinhan Bank’s pace throughout the day. Shinhan Bank’s attack using Sonia Kim (177cm, F) and Chaejin Han (176cm, F) worked based on a quick transition. Sonia Kim succeeded in a bold breakthrough and middle range, and Chaejin Han also led the team with an outside catcher.

With the score at 56-39 at the end of the third quarter, the game leaned toward Shinhan Bank. In the fourth quarter, both teams put resources on the bench to finish the game, and eventually Shinhan Bank won three consecutive victories on the road.

On this day, Shinhan Bank recorded 23 points and 7 rebounds for Sonia Kim and 13 points and 6 rebounds for Han Chae-jin, and was able to utilize certain offensive options.

Seungjang Gunadan, head coach of Shinhan Bank, said, “It feels good to win. The atmosphere is good. I get angry with 18 turnovers. It’s the Lunar New Year holidays, so I let them rest, but (the part where the turnover came out) needs to be repaired. I don’t know what they’re going to do in the playoffs. I will tell players what not to do in the video meeting. (Kim) Tae-yeon and (Lee) Hye-mi, who are not in good shape, played. I will spend Chinese New Year well and try to do well.”

Regarding the inside attack, Koo said, “Actually, our strength is outside, but we can’t play 30 games outside. In order to bring diversity, he gave instructions to target the inside. You have to learn the derived part and get used to it,” he explained. 온라인카지노

Regarding Han Chae-jin’s performance, who succeeded in making three three-point shots, Koo said, “In fact, in my philosophy, there are times when teams that shoot outside shots have less ball touch. In fact, the shooter sense is declining. (Han) When Chae Jin-yi intentionally attacked the inside and the ball went to the shooters, he ordered a shot. These days, the shooting sense has been revived. Since Chaejin doesn’t shoot and doesn’t go in, the opposing team doesn’t seem to stop it. 300 shots during practice. His efforts show up on the court,” he said, expressing satisfaction.

Finally, coach Koo said about the ranking battle beyond the middle of the season, “It is not a team to be greedy for when we started this season. I didn’t know when Danbi Kim left and another player came in. It’s not easy to get together and play basketball. There is not much difference in ranking from the playoff team, but I think if we improve our chemistry every game, we will get good results. Focus on rebuilding the team, not just playing basketball this year. Between carrots and sticks, I always try not to give carrots. I’m trying to calm the players’ minds,” he concluded the interview. 

On the other hand, Hana One Q struggled with Ye-rim Jeong (175cm, G) 15 points and 6 rebounds and Ji-hyeon Shin (174cm, G) 9 points and 4 assists, but was helpless against Shinhan Bank’s attack throughout the game. It was difficult to solve the game as it was greatly pushed to 27-41 in the number of rebounds. In the end, the season’s first winning streak came to nothing.

“I have nothing to say,” said Do-wan Kim, head coach of Hanawon Q. nothing done right I thought I wouldn’t play this game, but today I did. The players have to make excuses for their experience, but the opponent plays fast basketball. I play crazy basketball. Even if you don’t follow along in advance, there are areas where you can become defensive while looking for defense, but our players are not at that stage. It was first dried on the face. It’s not a matter of who can’t do it, it’s big that the players aren’t skilled enough. The players who should have done it today couldn’t do it. I understand that I can’t play, but I need to show the image of trying to do it while talking and shouting together, but the players who run the game should reflect. My bare face was revealed,” he said of his game impressions.

On this day, Shin Ji-hyun’s body was generally heavy. Director Kim said, “I have to give an attack chance derived from (Shin) Ji-hyun, but I am frustrated, so I try to play 1-on-1. Jihyun doesn’t have 1v1 power. You have to play the two-man game with (Yang) In-young normally. In the switched situation, you had to give it to a player who was alive or make a jump shot. In the help situation, another player had to shoot, but Jihyun was distracted today. The lines also overlapped. we self-destructed Players will have to feel and reflect. I couldn’t be faithful to my will or the basics,” and left the interview room.

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