Hanyang University Pyo Seung-bin, who had a lot of regrets, “I will go to PO to live and die”

“It was unfortunate that I fell off last season (in the playoffs), so this time I will try my best to go up.”

Hanyang University advanced to the 2021 College Basketball League championship game, but in 2022, it suffered the loss of being eliminated from the playoffs.

There was a big gap without Lee Seung-woo (LG). At least, the player who filled Lee Seung-woo’s place was Pyo Seung-bin (190cm, F).

Pyo Seung-bin showed off his versatility by recording an average of 14.4 points, 6.8 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 1.0 steals in the College Basketball League, and 13.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, 5.8 assists and 4.0 steals in the MBC National College Basketball Championship.

Pyo Seung-bin and Park Seong-jae, his motivation for admission, described Pyo Seung-bin as “quick, strong, and active in rebounding,” and Cho Min-geun “has a strong aggressive tendency and has strengths in one-on-one matches.”

Pyo Seung-bin, whom I met after completing field training in Haenam, Jeollanam-do, said, “After training in Haenam, I matched my hands and feet through practice games. He’s not sure what to prepare, and he tries things out. He is short, but has good speed.”

At first glance, Pyo Seung-bin seemed to have lost weight compared to last year.

Pyo Seung-bin said, “He lost weight. He trains hard, so there is such a thing. It wasn’t intentionally left out. He did a lot of weight training to increase his muscle mass, but he jumped a lot and it wasn’t a big change, but he lost weight and body fat.”

Hanyang University competed for the playoffs until the end of last year’s college basketball league, but unfortunately it stayed in 9th place. 카지노

Pyo Seung-bin said, “I had a lot of regrets looking back at the game. He broke through the defense, missed anything he could put in, or failed to pass a good opportunity. What he did well was calmly and tried to find my pace,” he said, looking back at his play.

Pyo Seung-bin was chosen as one of the players to replace Lee Seung-woo.

Pyo Seung-bin said, “Definitely, Lee Seung-woo hyung’s defense was concentrated in my freshman year, so it was easy for me to attack. Last year, it was difficult without Seungwoo hyung, but the season ended when I got used to the situation from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. “As I said earlier this year, our team is very short, so we have to run even one step faster and score with our stamina. I raised the flow in the beginning and digested the hard training, so I will be able to maintain (the flow in the beginning) in the second half of the season.

Pyo Seung-bin recorded 60.6% (66/109) of 2-point shooting success rates in the college basketball league last year, but his 3-point shooting and free throw success rates were 30.0% (9/30) and 67.2% (43/64), respectively, lower than 2-point shooting. We need to elevate this further.

Pyo Seung-bin said, “I was originally confident in my free throws, but I recognized that and didn’t make any more. I am confident in this season,” he said.

There is a story that Hanyang University’s power has weakened compared to last year.

Pyo Seung-bin said, “I don’t think the hyungs have gone out, but their power has dropped significantly. His height has decreased, but as he searches for my role, he finds his place by filling the older brothers’ seats with juniors.”

Pyo Seung-bin, who experienced an extreme season after entering Hanyang University, said, “This season, we have to go up to the playoffs. It was regrettable that we fell off last season, so this time we will work hard to rise to the top.”

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