He said he was leaving Manchester City for Barca… “Where is the story from?”

 Ilkay Gundogan’s side dismissed rumors of a transfer to Barcelona.

According to a report by Spain’s ‘Diario As’ on the 15th (Korean time), Gundogan’s uncle and agent, Ilhan Gundogan, said in an interview, “Where did the news of an imminent transfer to Barcelona come from over the past few weeks? I was just embarrassed,” he said.

The future of Gundogan’s next season is uncertain. 카지노This is because he has not yet agreed to a renewal contract, despite the fact that his contract with Manchester City (Man City) is about to expire in June.

The possibility of a transfer to Barcelona was weighed on. It is known that Barcelona, ​​which is not comfortable with finances, has put Gundogan as a top priority acquisition target because he does not need to spend a transfer fee.

It was also alleged that the agreement was over. Gundogan agreed to a two-year contract with Barcelona, ​​and it was specific that an official announcement would be made as soon as the season was over.

It wasn’t true. Ilhan said, “Currently, Gundogan has not reached an agreement with any club. It has not yet been decided which club Gundogan will be playing for over the next few years.”

He said, “Gundogan is challenging to win three competitions as Man City’s captain this season. That’s all he’s focused on right now.”

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