HL Anyang, ice hockey 4th consecutive victory… Hyungo Song, 2nd consecutive curling victory

HL Anyang and Uijeongbu Songhyeon High School won 4 consecutive and 2 consecutive victories side by side in the pre-match of the 104th National Winter Sports Festival.

HL Anyang defeated Gangwon High1 5-3 in the men’s general division finals of the ice hockey pre-game held at Suwon Gwanggyo Sports Complex on the 14th and rose to the top for the fourth consecutive time.

HL Anyang gave the first goal to High1 Shin Sang-yoon at the beginning of the first period. However, at 9:17 in the first period, Lee Hyun-seung scored an equalizer to turn the game around, and Jeon Jeong-woo scored a come-from-behind goal early in the second period. 메이저놀이터

Afterwards, HL Anyang allowed High1 Oh In-soo to score again, but Lee Jong-min’s multi-goal and Lee Je-hee’s additional goal in the third period gave High1 a two-goal victory over Hwang Doo-hyun’s one goal just before the end of the game.

Last year’s winning team, Uijeongbu Songhyeon High School, in which Kang Bo-bae, Kim Na-yeon, Lee Soo-bin, Lee Yu-seon, and Cho Joo-hee teamed up in the curling girls’ high school finals held at the Uijeongbu Curling Field, easily defeated Gyeongbuk Uiseong Girls’ High School 9-4 to achieve their second consecutive victory.

Song Hyeon-go scored the first point in the first end, but was deprived of 1 and 2 points each in the 2nd and 3rd ends, leading to a 1-3 score. However, Song Hyeon-go scored two points in the fourth end to tie the score, then added one point each in the sixth and seventh ends to lead 5-3. Song Hyeon-go, who scored a massive 4 points in the 8th end, made up for 1 point in the 9th end, leading Uiseong Girls’ High School to surrender.

On the other hand, Gyeonggi-do scored 431 points with 39 gold medals, 35 silver medals, and 34 bronze medals as of this day, leading the way by far ahead of Gangwon-do (224 points) and Seoul City (221 points).

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