Hong Hyun-seok scores against ‘Belgium’s strongest team’… season 5 goal

Midfielder Hong Hyun-seok, who is active in the Belgian Jupiler League, scored the opening goal in a match against Genk, a team in the league.

On the 6th (Korean time) at the Gelamco Arena in Gent, Belgium, Gent, who had the 24th round of the 2022-2023 Belgian Jupiler League, lost 2-3 to Genk. Gent, who recently suffered two losses in a row, stayed in 5th place, and Genk continued to lead the race.

Hong Hyun-seok gave the lead to Gent early on. In the 9th minute of the first half, Hugo Kuipers penetrated deep into the left and Hong Hyun-seok calmly pushed the pass. However, Genk, the league’s top scorer, turned the game around with three goals. 안전놀이터

Hong Hyun-seok scored 5 goals and 3 assists. Hong Hyun-seok is maintaining his starting position this season by playing various positions including offense and midfielder. Last season, he didn’t score a single goal in Austria’s Linz, but after moving to a more competitive league, his growth is evident.

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