Hyundai E&C, strong even without Yasmin, aiming for 2 consecutive regular season wins

 Reporter Seongdae Moon = Hyundai E&C is showing its strongest power even without foreign players. If you hold on well in January, you can take a step closer to the top spot in the regular league for two consecutive years.

Hyundai E&C won 3-2 (30-28 25-20 16-25 21-25 15-11) in the women’s match against Heungkuk Life Insurance in the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 11th. did.

Hyundai E&C, who won 4 consecutive wins, recorded 19 wins and 2 losses (53 points) for the season, further widening the gap with Heungkuk Life Insurance (16 wins, 5 losses, 48 ​​points) in second place. This season, they are ahead with 3 wins and 1 loss.

It is of great significance that Hyundai E&C defeated Heungkuk Life Insurance, which Yelena and Kim Yeon-kyung held out with only native players without Yasmin.

In addition, it is a positive factor for Hyundai E&C that Yang Hyo-jin, a leading player who showed anxiety in the third round confrontation with Heungkuk Life Insurance, overcame the burden and became the main player in victory.

Yasmin, who underwent surgery for back pain and started rehabilitation, can return in early February. If Yasmin, who has a high attack success rate, returns, Hyundai E&C’s power is expected to become even stronger.

Kang Seong-hyeong, director of Hyundai E&C, said, “It’s been three weeks since (Yasmin was absent), but rehabilitation has begun.” 바카라

Hyundai E&C was unable to play the championship game even after confirming first place in the regular league for the 2021-2022 season. In terms of power, Hyundai E&C had a high chance of winning, but as the league was suspended in the aftermath of Corona 19, it could not go to the championship match.

The desperate Hyundai E&C laid the foundation for 2 consecutive wins in the regular league by winning 15 consecutive wins this season, and showed an absolute advantage in the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance, which was mentioned as a strong candidate for the championship, and was on the verge of achieving its goal.

Hyundai E&C will face off against KGC Ginseng Corporation at the Suwon Gymnasium on the 14th. This game is also expected to be an important match for the fifth regular season 1st place.

Hyundai E&C took a slight lead against KGC Ginseng Corporation this season with 2 wins and 1 loss. However, all 3 games were bloody enough to engage in full sets. KGC Ginseng Corporation foreign player Elisabeth has to be blocked to win.

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