I avoided military service with a false diagnosis of epilepsy… Volleyball player Jae-Sung Cho, Prosecution Investigation

Cho Jae-seong, a member of OK Financial Group’s men’s professional volleyball team, who is suspected of evading military service by obtaining a false epilepsy diagnosis with the help of a broker, appeared at the prosecution on the 4th and was investigated.

According to the legal community, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office’s military service evasion joint investigation team summoned and investigated Mr. Cho, who was suspected of violating the Military Service Act. It was originally known that Mr. Cho would appear before the prosecution on the 5th, but he was investigated ahead of schedule by one day.

Prosecutors launched an investigation after believing that Cho, who had been enlisted for active duty in February of last year, escaped military service after being judged as a social worker (level 4) in a re-examination conducted through a military service broker. Broker A, who helped Mr. Cho, was arrested and indicted on December 21 last year on charges of receiving exemption or reduction from military service by falsifying disease symptoms (violation of the Military Service Act). 메이저사이트

On the 28th of last month, Jae-Sung Cho wrote on Instagram, “I sincerely apologize. He committed a sin too great to be forgiven. I admitted to the crime, saying, “I am a participant in military service corruption.” Mr. Cho added, “I have been postponing my enlistment due to my family’s poor financial situation.

The OK Financial Group club excluded Jae-Sung Cho from all training and games, and the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) also announced that it would exclude him from the All-Star Game held on the 29th of this month. KOVO plans to hold a reward and punishment committee when the related investigation is completed. Corruption in military service is a matter that can result in suspension of qualifications and expulsion under the reward and punishment regulations.

In addition to Jo Jae-seong, at least 70 other people, including professional sports players and celebrities, were found to be involved in the military service corruption case. An official from the prosecution said, “We are investigating several people who have escaped military service, but it is difficult to specify the occupation or event.” The Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office plans to expand the investigation by doubling the number of prosecutors and investigators

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