“I need a test” Juventus media, interested in Kim Min-jae’s injury

 Local media in Italy are showing interest in concerns about the injury of ‘Blue Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae (27). 

Kim Min-jae started on the 9th (Korean time) in the 17th round expedition of the Italian Serie A in the 2022-2023 season with Sampdoria. However, Kim Min-jae was replaced by Amir Rahmani at the start of the second half, raising questions. This is because Kim Min-jae has never been substituted in all regular matches except for friendly matches this season. 

In response, Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti said of Kim Min-jae after the game, “I felt muscle fatigue. I did not want to take the risk.” did. 

However, local media are showing interest in Kim Min-jae’s injury. This is because Napoli, which is dreaming of winning Serie A for the first time in 33 years, is facing Juventus on the 14th. This match is evaluated as an important criterion for determining the direction of the Scudetto (Serie A) this season. 

Napoli is currently leading the league with 44 points (14 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss) after 17 rounds. Juventus (37 points) are chasing just below. If Napoli wins, they will be one step closer to winning the Serie A title, but if Juventus wins and narrows the score to 4 points, the championship competition may flow in an unknown direction. 메이저사이트

Interestingly, despite Spalletti’s explanation, most of the media showing interest in Kim Min-jae’s appearance are Juventus magazines. ‘Tuto Yube’, 

Most of them are curious about Kim Min-jae’s condition, saying, “Kim Min-jae, who is essential for Napoli, may not appear,” “I won against Sampdoria, but Spalletti couldn’t laugh,” and “We need a test to see if he can appear against Juventus.” It also means that Juventus must overcome Kim Min-jae to score a goal. 

Coach Spalletti, who knew the importance of the match against Juventus, also recognized the importance of Kim Min-jae and treated him as an ace. As he was Kim Min-jae, who suffered from a calf injury during the World Cup in Qatar, he did not want to take the risk. 

In fact, Napoli once again realized the importance of Kim Min-jae during the World Cup. This is because he conceded in all four friendly matches without Kim Min-jae. They won against Antalyaspor (Turkiye) and Crystal Palace (England), but conceded two runs and one run respectively. They lost 2-3 to Villarreal (Spain) and lost 1-4 to Lille (France). 

When Kim Min-jae returned, Napoli changed. Although he lost 0-1 in Inter Milan, the first game after the season resumed, he was as unique as Kim Min-jae. While Naples players showed heavy movements overall, Kim Min-jae showed a presence in defense as well as in attack. 

Kim Min-jae has become an indispensable presence for Napoli, which is aiming for the top spot after 33 years since the 1989-1990 season, and a fearful presence that the opposing team does not want to have.

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