I took it off like when I was in college… Phil Mickelson, who has become slim beyond recognition

Phil Mickelson (USA) stood on the field with a completely different look. Controversy arose during his move to LIV Golf, but the 52-year-old’s passion for golf remains the same.

On the 3rd (Korean time) in the first round of the PIF Saudi International Asian Tour held at the Royal Greens Golf & Country Club in King Abdullah Economic City, Saudi Arabia, Phil Mickelson tied for even par 38th. Above all, his appearance on the field drew more attention. He played 18 holes looking slimmer than last year. He wore shorts to the game, and his belly was smaller than before, and his jawline was visible. 온라인카지노

Phil Mickelson in the first round of the Saudi International held on the 3rd. [Photo by Gettyimages]

Earlier, Mickelson brought up the topic of diet at the official press conference of the 1st tournament. He said, “I went on a diet during the winter and went back to the weight I had when I was in college and when I turned pro. His physical condition is very good. He is stronger than ever,” he said, contenting himself. He has been on a diet several times in the past and has attracted attention. He did not hesitate to go on a strict diet, taking care of his body by eating light meals, increasing his exercise, and sometimes drinking only water and coffee. Having suffered from psoriatic arthritis, an incurable disease in 2009, and taking more thorough body care, he said, “(Through the diet) I recovered quickly and gained a lot of energy.”

Mickelson is in his second year of life at LIV Golf and is putting more emphasis on his performance in LIV Golf. “Now I have a completely different energy and excitement. I’m very optimistic,” he said with a smile, while also aiming to win LIV golf and major championships.

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