“I want to become a player like senior Jung Geun-woo” Moon Hyun-bin, with his youthful face and opposite temperament, “Please grow as much as you sweat.”

“I want to become a player like Jung Geun-woo, who played like a bad boy.” Moon Hyun-bin, a rookie with acne scars on both cheeks, threw himself into the glove to put the ball accurately.

The defensive training of the Hanwha Eagles fielders before the game. Daejeon Eagles Park, where three consecutive matches were held last week. The ground was hotter, with the temperature rising to 32 degrees in the middle of the day. At this time, a new player on the ground shouted “Ait!” His fighting voice drew attention. The main character of the voice was Moon Hyun-bin, a rookie infielder.

Born in 2004,토토사이트 Cheonan Bukil High School infielder Moon Hyun-bin was nominated in the 2023 rookie draft with the 11th overall pick in the second round and made his professional debut in the Hanwha Eagles uniform. In a situation where many media eyes were focused on pitcher Kim Seo-hyun (1st overall), who throws a fastball that reaches 160km from the opening day, Moon Hyun-bin, who was a motive for joining the team, trained silently and honed his skills.

Former coach Subero and general manager Sohn Hyuk also recognized Moon Hyun-bin early on, who has a strong physique, sincerity, and even an evil spirit.

Moon Hyun-bin, who was named in the lineup for the opening game of his debut season, went 1-for-4. He showed his presence by recording his first hit in his professional debut with a triple. Hanwha’s rookie fielder Moon Hyun-bin, who is starting the opening game for the first time in 9 years since catcher Kim Min-soo in the 2014 season, not only serves as a backup to second baseman Jeong Eun-won and shortstop Oh Seon-jin, but also plays a stable defense in the center field position.

During the Hanwha era, Jung Geun-woo is training defensively during the spring camp. Kochi (Japan) = Reporter Heo Sang-wook wook@sportschosun.com

Moon Hyun-bin, a newcomer who respects senior Jung Geun-woo, who has a bad temper, is also practicing silently every day, honing his skills.
Although he is not tall as a 174cm 82km baseball player, Moon Hyun-bin, who has a strong physique, does not spare his body to catch the flying ball. Moon Hyun-bin, who plays like Akbari, is similar to Jeong Geun-woo, a former national second baseman. Hanwha Eagles senior Jeong Geun-woo was also a small player at 172cm and 75km tall, but he was bigger than anyone else on the ground. Jung Geun-woo’s play, in which he jumped to catch a flying ball and did not give up even after hitting a ground ball, sprinting and sliding head-first toward the base, was, in a word, ‘bad’.

Moon Hyun-bin, a 22-year-old young rookie, is preparing to succeed the Hanwha Eagles infielder ‘Akbari lineage’, following in the footsteps of his respected senior, Jeong Geun-woo.

Moon Hyun-bin, who came to the ground with defensive coach Choi Yoon-seok, stepped in line with the infield ground ball and focused on training to accurately capture the ball on the catching surface of the glove. When watching baseball, the double play of fielders seems easy, but it is a motion created through countless amounts of practice and repetition. Mun Hyun-bin, who has solid basic skills, also caught the batted ball and tossed it to second base as defensive coach Choi Yoon-seok ordered.

Moon Hyun-bin trains every day for a seemingly easy-to-see infielder’s second base toss and clean defense.
It was a field that was hot enough to make you sweat just by standing still, but Moon Hyun-bin’s passion was even hotter. When coach Choi told me one thing, Moon Hyun-bin’s attitude of wanting to learn two always put on a happy expression and shed tears with her students.

She met last week in Daejeon and asked Moon Hyun-bin what kind of training she did with defensive coach Choi Yun-seok, she replied, “It was a training to strengthen the basic skills. It is a training that I have to do every day to learn that part.” When asked if there is a player she admires, she said, “I respect senior Jung Geun-woo. It is because he has a spirit like Akbar and the ability to fulfill his role. I always think that I want to become a player like that.”

Moon Hyun-bin, who was named in the starting lineup for the first time since Choi Won-ho took over as head coach, started as the 9th batter in center field in the game against the LG Twins held at Jamsil Stadium on the 19th.

He was hitless in three at-bats, but his hits disappeared as LG shortstop Ji-hwan Oh Ho-bi caught two good hits. In the 7th inning, Moon Hyun-bin greeted Austin while waiting for the video review at first base.

Moon Hyun-bin, who played as the ninth hitter in the center field for the two games in the three-game match against Jamsil, recorded a hit on the second day.

Although it was an outfielder rather than an infielder, a position prepared with coach Choi Yoon-seok and sweat, the prepared rookie Moon Hyun-bin showed stable performance without any mistakes, just like a professional center fielder.

Moon Hyun-bin, who revealed that his goal is to do his best to remain in the first team rather than setting numerical goals for the season as a rookie, left the ground after expressing his firm determination to “always show sincerity and doing his best.”

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