“I will help Kim Yu-seong, a ‘first-team companion’, become a true professional player”

 Started with group 1. Entry registration is coming soon.

 Professional baseball 메이저놀이터Doosan right-hander rookie pitcher Kim Yoo-seong (21) joined the first team on the 25th. I will accompany you to the away match against Samsung held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu.

 Kim Yoo-seong has a history of school violence. He was disciplined during his middle school days. He won NC’s first selection in the 2021 rookie draft, but suffered a withdrawal of the nomination. After graduating from Gimhae High School, he went on to Korea University. He served a one-year suspension from the Korea Baseball Softball Association. After that, I stood on the mound again. He wore a Doosan uniform with the 19th rank in the second round of this year.

 In the meantime, he only stayed in District 2. Doosan put forward a precondition that if Kim Yu-seong is to join the first team, he must first reach an agreement with the victim. Yuseong Kim was recently forgiven by the victim and reached an agreement. He was called up to the first team on the 25th. He was not formally registered in the entry.

 Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop said, “I decided that the matter with the victim was resolved. (Skills) I think it is the right time to use it if you are a good player,” he said. “Kim Yu-seong also worried and reflected. Now it seems to be the time to play baseball.” Coach Lee said, “I am careful, but I think our role is to help Kim Yoo-sung become a better person, a mature person, and a true professional player. I can’t keep leaving it in group 2. He added that he intends to use it (in the 1st team) if he becomes competent.”

 “Today (the 25th), I tried to see the current condition and other conditions. He explained, “I have only checked the video and have not seen him actually pitching.”

 The report from Group 2 was good. He had 1 win and an earned run average of 2.77 in 13 innings in 3 Futures League games. Coach Lee said, “He is said to be the best among Future Steam players. I heard that he has the ability to play in the first team. He was fine even during his last appearance (3⅓ scoreless innings against LG on the 22nd).” He said, “But there is a difference between Group 2 and Group 1. You have to see if you can overcome the pressure and deliver your own performance in front of a large crowd,” he said.

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