IBK-Pepper Savings Bank used practice ball during match, KOVO apology “promise to prevent recurrence”

 KOVO (Korea Volleyball Federation) issued an apology for the practice ball being used during the IBK Industrial Bank-Pepper Savings Bank match held at the Hwaseong Indoor Gymnasium on the 26th. 메이저사이트

On the 30th, KOVO said, ‘The practice ball was used during the 3rd set’ and ‘As a result of the federation’s identification, the game ball was confirmed without any problems before the start of the game, and it was operated without any problems until the 1st and 2nd sets, but during the break at the end of the 2nd set, the players were training The practice ball and the ball retriever’s game ball were mixed. It was confirmed that he had not been able to filter it out before the start of the 3rd set match,” he explained. “The federation is sorry to the fans for this incident, and to prevent a recurrence in the future, we will strengthen management and training for game operators and make every effort to ensure smooth operation of the remaining rounds,” he emphasized.

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