‘If you fail to register as a player, go on loan?’… Man City MF Barsa faltering

On the 29th (Korean time), Spanish media ‘Sport’ borrowed the words of reporter Gerard Romero, who is familiar with Barcelona news, and said, “Gundogan and Barcelona are about to reach an agreement. However, there is a difference of opinion on one clause.”

Barcelona are dreaming of signing a new player스포츠토토 this summer. Still financially tight, they pursued signing free agents such as Gundogan and Inigo Martinez.

This recruiting strategy seems to be paying off to some extent. Reporter Gerard Romero said on the air, “Barcelona has already concluded an agreement with Inigo. An agreement with Gundogan was not far off,” he said.

It is not possible to guarantee the recruitment of Gundogan. According to reporter Romero’s report, Gundogan did not agree to the clause that if he fails to register as a player, he must leave the lease for another team with the contracted salary intact.

This provision is Barcelona’s contingency plan in case of an emergency. Barcelona is still unable to register Pablo Gavi in ​​the first team due to the salary cap issue.

Among these, it is interpreted that Barcelona prepared for the risk with a kind of compulsory lease clause. However, as a player, he seems to be hesitant about signing his contract because he does not know which team he will play for next season.

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