If you lie down like Park Byeong-ho of ‘Large Project Operation’, Jamsil Big Boy hits 30 home runs

We set a clear goal and set a clear direction. He changes his batting form several times, erasing bad habits that he has unknowingly made and creating a hitting mechanic and hitting point suitable for home run hitters. This is the story of LG Lee Jae-won (24), who started the ‘Big Project’ in Geopo, Jamsil.

He is one of the most notable players in the LG spring camp. he has no choice but to At the recommendation of his command tower, he cancels his support for managing director and is challenging the first team full-time player again.

The possibility dawned early. Last year, he shot 13 homers in 253 at-bats in 85 games, and the quality of his home runs was also overwhelming. At times, his other restraint exceeded 180 km/h. He made a cannon ball that flew over the outfield of Jamsil Stadium at high speed. If his potential is unleashed, he could become an unquestioned top-class home run hitter.

And at the starting point of spring camp, he started to establish the basics to become a home run hitter. During the LG camp, Lee Ho-jun and Mo Chang-min, hitting coaches, designate one player for special tutoring. He hits about a box of balls in the batting cage, and many conversations come and go in the process. On the 2nd (hereafter Korean time), which was the first day of practical camp, Song Chan-eui, Moon Bo-kyung on the 3rd, and Lee Jae-won on the 4th entered the batting cage.

At this meeting, Coach Lee removed Lee Jae-won’s clothes that didn’t fit. He said that he had to fix the way he was conscious of strikeouts, trying to hit too much, the excessive hitting point being formed in front, and the occasional head-up. He emphasized that good results can be produced by trusting in one’s swing trajectory and turning the bat with precise mechanics rather than being conscious of the hitting point. 온라인바카라

He also established a countermeasure against the inside ball, but the conclusion was a mechanic similar to last year’s home run king, KT Park Byung-ho. He raised his voice saying that he should target the ball to his side with strong rotation and take his swing to the end in all courses. Coach Lee told Lee Jae-won, “Home run hitters like us don’t have to run right after hitting. Isn’t Park Byeong-ho also like that? He looks at the batted ball for a long time while passing the ball to his side with his unique Tyranno swing. You have a habit of not swinging all the way. To fix this, I will first make a habit of holding out for 2 or 3 seconds after swinging.”

Lee Jae-won has gone through a lot of changes since joining the pro in 2018. His batting form also changed frequently, and although some were established in the process, there were many parts that went through chaos. Coach Lee believes that Lee Jae-won can hit 30 home runs in the upcoming season if he fully masters the rotation around the left pelvis when hitting and the natural swing trajectory that follows.

Coach Lee told Jaewon Lee, “You have to feel the burden. Make sure to train as much as you feel the burden. If you succeed, you will feel a really great thrill.” “Don’t you like Byeong-ho? Each and every training we do now is similar to what Byeongho sunbaenim does. Let’s do it properly and show it properly in this camp.” It is this coach who expressed his hope that the 2023 season will be Lee Jae-won’s year.

Players also know the heart of the leader. We also know that this is a more important time than ever. Lee Jae-won said, “I don’t feel any pressure. Expectations are greater than burdens,” he said. “I think I knew the direction clearly from the meeting with the director. In the past, there were many times when his swing became passive because he thought he shouldn’t strike out. Don’t be afraid to strike out, the coach always wants me to take my swing. He thanked the coaches and coaches and wanted to show a good image.”

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