“I’m ready to blow away ML hitters” Toronto 163km long-term runner rises this year

 Can Toronto Blue Jays’ right-hander Nate Pearson (27), who boasts a tremendous fastball but has yet to blossom on the major league stage, become a ‘hit’ this year?

This year, Pearson is committed to the bullpen. Toronto already has enough starting rotations, including Alec Manoa, Kevin Gaussman, Jose Berrios, Chris Bassett, and Yusei Kikuchi.

Pearson’s greatest weapon is his fastball, which also boasts tremendous 메이저놀이터velocity. He is predicting his all-season performance, boasting a fast ball that reaches 101 miles (163 km) this year as well.

On the 26th (Korean time), the official Major League homepage (MLB.com) highlighted 14 players whose performance in the exhibition game is likely to continue in the regular season, and Pearson’s name was among them.

Pearson struck out 13 times in 8 ⅓ innings in 6 games in this year’s exhibition game, 5 of which were 100 miles (161 km) or more. In particular, in an exhibition game against the Minnesota Twins on the 23rd, he struck out 4 in 1⅓ innings and earned a save. It was Pearson’s 100-mile fastball that signaled the end of the game in the bottom of the ninth with two out on first and second base.

‘MLB.com’ said, “Pearson can use an explosive fastball through his new role as the bullpen in Toronto.” Among the fastballs that were more than 100 miles, there were 101, and five of them led to strikeouts. The media expressed anticipation, saying, “Pearson is now ready to blow up major league hitters.”

Pearson debuted on the major league stage in 2020 as a player selected by Toronto with the 28th overall pick in the first round of the 2017 draft, but only had a 6.00 ERA in 5 games and 1 win, 1 loss in 12 games in 2021 with an ERA of 4.20. It didn’t leave much of an impression. He didn’t start a single game in the majors last year. He started the season in the minor leagues and was also placed on the disabled list with mononucleosis.

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