“I’m sorry I couldn’t show you a better side” ‘Drill Sergeant’ Yang Chang-seop reveals first update after enlisting… No comments on ‘Oh Jae-won Blame’

Samsung Lions pitcher Yang Chang-seop, 24, who enlisted in the military earlier this month, has provided an update.

On July 27, Yang posted his first greeting to fans on his personal social media accounts after joining the military.바카라사이트

“I’m training hard in the training center, reading the greetings from many people,” he began, “and I joined the military without finishing this season. First of all, I would like to apologize to the fans of the Samsung Lions and the fans who were supporting me for not finishing the season and not being able to show a better appearance.” He continued, “I’m looking forward to the 2025 season. “We will return to the 2025 season with even more improvement and health,” he concluded.

Many fans and acquaintances left replies wishing him a healthy military life and a return to the Aces.

Yang Chang-seop, who enlisted in the military on January 1, is scheduled to be discharged on January 31, 2025.

He did not comment on former SPOTV commentator Oh Jae-won’s strong criticism of him in a live broadcast on his personal social media account on June 23.

Yang Chang-seop (left) and former commentator Oh Jae-won, who clashed over the bean ball controversy in June. Sports Chosun DB

Yang Chang-seop (left) and Oh Jae-won (right) exchanged words on their social media accounts. Source=Yang Chang-seop and Oh Jae-won SNS
On June 24, Oh Jae-won claimed that Yang Chang-seop’s dune was an “intentional empty ball” while commentating on the Samsung-SSG game at SSG Landers Field in Incheon. Yang Chang-seop and Oh Jae-won each responded with figurative posts on their personal social media accounts. As the controversy escalated, team senior Kang Min-ho, who is close to Yang Chang-seob’s teammate Oh Jae-won, arranged a meeting to reconcile the two, but the meeting was unsuccessful. Amidst the controversy, Oh Jae-won resigned from his position as a commentator on SPOTV.

On the 25th, the Samsung Lions and Hanwha Eagles held a practice game at the Akama Stadium in Onna Village, Okinawa, Japan. Samsung’s Yang Chang-seop, who took the mound as a starter, left the mound in the second inning after complaining of elbow pain. Okinawa (Japan)=Song Jung-heon songs@sportschosun.com/2019.02.25/
Yang Chang-seop, who joined Samsung as the No. 2 pick in the 2018 second round after graduating from Deoksugo University, raised high hopes of becoming the Samsung Lions’ ace in his first year as a starter. 7-6 with a 5.05 ERA in 19 games.

Yang’s ambitious 2019 season was cut short in late February when he was forced to return home after suffering an elbow injury during a camp in Okinawa and underwent Tommy John surgery to repair his elbow ligaments.

He tried to make a comeback after a long rehabilitation, but struggled to regain his pace. This season, he was in contention for the starting five before being moved to the bullpen. With a record of 10-13, 3 holds, and a 6.27 ERA in 56 games over five seasons, Yang entered the military with hopes of returning to “ace mode” after his discharge.

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