In the end, the KBO RBI king who was humiliated by the release… “It was a disaster, it was a mockery of the fans”

Darin Ruff (37), who was the 2017 KBO League RBI leader, who was selected as a successful U-turn example from the KBO League to the major leagues, eventually heard the news of the shocking release. That would have been unimaginable even six months ago. The local media looked back at the unfortunate end of the relationship between Ruff and the New York Mets.

The Mets officially announced on the 28th (Korean time) 바카라that they had designated Ruff as a transfer player (DFA). Ruff joined the Mets with high expectations ahead of the trade deadline last year, but his performance plummeted after the transfer. In this spring training, he could not show proper performance due to a wrist injury and sluggishness.

Still, there were still expectations for him as a left-handed opponent specialist. Mets coach Buck Showalter was also a ‘pro-rough’ tendency who took the lead and evolved whenever rough was criticized. Local media also predicted Ruff’s boarding, saying that the Mets will form an opening roster that values ​​experience. But everything changed in a day or two.

DFA published roughs go through the waiver process. If there is a team that wants a rough, it can be used with the lowest annual salary in the major leagues. Ruff’s annual salary of about $3.25 million this year will be covered by the Mets. However, it is unknown whether there will be a team that proposes to recruit, given that there has been a clear decline since the middle of last year, and that he has not been able to show any significant performance due to suffering from injuries in this demonstration game.

It was a player who was brought in to win the championship, but he tasted a miserable failure. On the 28th, the largest local media, ‘The New York Post’, defined Ruff’s performance as a ‘disaster’ after the transfer, and criticism is also on the rise. ‘The New York Post’ said, ‘The Mets accepted that the trade fell through as they transferred the right-hander rough,’ and said, ‘The Mets are a team this year that new rules are expected to promote stealing more than they continue to try to revive the rough in New York. I chose the speed of Locastro,’ he said overall.

The ‘New York Post’ said, ‘The Mets hoped that Ruff would become a designated hitter against lefties, but he was sluggish last year. He went out in 74 at-bats for the Mets and left a disastrous result of a batting average of 0.152 without a home run.

The media lamented that because Ruff was taking the position, Brett Bartina and Mark Vientos, the prospects fans wanted to see, had to go down to Triple A, saying, ‘I became the

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