‘Individual highest score of 19’ Kim Da-eun “I was not burdened because Yeon-kyung unni read so much”

Kim Da-eun played the role of the dark horse in the absence of ‘Ace’ Kim Yeon-kyung.

Heungkuk Life Insurance set a score of 3-1 (25-23, 30-28, 23-25, 26 -24) to win.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which appointed coach Kim Ki-jung as the new head coach after the resignation of coach Kwon Sun-chan, failed to complete the registration process for coach Kim, so the game was played under the acting system of coach Kim Dae-kyung.  메이저사이트

Even Kim Yeon-kyung took a break because her physical condition was not perfect, and Kim Da-eun started for the first time in a long time and played full-time, scoring the second most points in the team with 19 points. Da-eun Kim’s most goals in a single game.

After the game, Kim Da-eun said, “Before entering the game, Yeon-kyung told me not to be too pressured and not to be stressed, so I was able to do it without any pressure.”

The receive efficiency was good at 63.89%. Kim Da-eun replied courageously, “I thought that he would come to me unconditionally. There is a limit to helping me by the side, so I took a positive mindset to endure myself.”

From coach Kwon Soon-chan’s resignation to head coach Lee Young-soo’s resignation, the players couldn’t help but be shaken. Kim Da-eun said, “I can’t give up and not do it because the teachers aren’t there. We talked a lot to try to get closer together.”

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