Injuries that even shed tears → Eventually ‘season out’… Tottenham ‘super bad news’

Tottenham midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur (26) was eventually ruled out for the season. It was a serious injury that even shed tears immediately after the injury, but local prospects came out saying that he would have to focus on rehabilitation for at least six months. Tottenham’s midfield was also really ‘super-emergency’.

Italian Sky Sports and reporters Gianluca Di Marzio and other local media all reported the news of Bentancur’s ‘season out’ on the 13th (Korean time). Bentancur collapsed in the process of pressing to take away the opponent’s ball against Leicester City held the previous day, and was eventually replaced after lying on the ground for nearly three minutes complaining of pain. The result of precise diagnosis such as MRI is knee cruciate ligament rupture. It is a common local outlook that they will be away from the battle line for at least half a year.

It is a painful injury in many ways in that he played an active part in Tottenham’s midfield, scoring 5 goals in the league alone this season and playing a ‘career high level’ activity. However, due to an unexpected injury in the middle of the season, the season had to end early. Bentan Kur, who complained of great pain right after his injury, also shed tears as if he had intuition that it was a serious injury. England’s Visaker also reported the situation at the time, saying, “Bentancur left the stadium in tears.”

The news of Bentancur’s season out is no different from Tottenham’s ‘super bad news’. This season, he was a key resource in Tottenham’s midfield along with Pierre-Emile Hoivier. He was also the player who scored 5 goals in the league and ranked second in the team. After scoring two goals in the league during Juventus in the 2018-2019 season, no goals were scored for three consecutive seasons, and this season’s talent ‘exploded’ 온라인바카라

The problem is that even Hoivier, another key midfielder, will miss the AC Milan expedition on the 15th due to disciplinary action. Even Eve Bisuma, the third option in the midfield that supported them, was diagnosed in the last 6 to 8 weeks, and even the possibility of a’season out’ is being raised if rehabilitation is included. In fact, among the five midfield resources, all the so-called ‘options 1 to 3’ are missing, and Pape Matar Sar and Oliver Skip, who were classified as out of power, have to take responsibility for the midfield against AC Milan.

At least, Hoivier will return after the AC Milan match, but it is unclear how well other players will be able to hold out in the midfield where Bentancur and Bisuma have all left. Sar’s playing time in the league this season is only 135 minutes (4 matches), and skip is also 196 minutes (8 matches). It means that the game performance is greatly reduced to the point that Conte turns away.

The risk of injury to Hoibier, whose proportion will increase, is also a concern. This is because this season’s league appearance alone is a whopping 1963 minutes, the second most in the team after Harry Kane (2058 minutes). Considering the amount of activity in the midfield, the risk of injury has increased, but the departure of Bentancur and Bisuma has further increased the burden of the remaining games.

Tottenham is in a situation where not only the midfielder, but also goalkeeper Hugo Lloris and left wingback Ryan Sessegnon have left due to injuries. It is safe to say that it is the so-called ‘previous level’, and the departure from injury has continued over the past week. The expression ‘maximum crisis’ is not too much in that it is a time when competition for the top 4 of the EPL, which has the right to advance to the Champions League next season as well as the Champions League this season, is in full swing.

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