“Is it colder than Busan?”… First training through the unexpected cold

The World Baseball Classic team, which was convened yesterday (15th), had its first official training session. The weather was so cold that it snowed in the desert climate of Arizona, USA, but the players did not care and sweated hard.

This is reporter Yoo Byung-min from the local area. 토토사이트


The outfits of the players getting off the bus after arriving at the training ground are like midwinter.

Today, the weather in Tucson dropped to minus 3 degrees, snowed at dawn, and it was cold enough to freeze the rain in the morning.

The players who arrived in Tucson yesterday were clearly bewildered.

[Park Se-woong/WBC national team pitcher: (Busan) I think the weather is much nicer in Sang-dong. (It’s too cold) It’s 15 degrees the same as above. I have to buy clothes, too.]

Still, once training started, the players warmed up with bright expressions, and So-Jun So-Jun broke through the wind and threw the bullpen first.

Fortunately, as the cold eased in the afternoon, the players energized themselves.

[Yang Eui-ji / WBC national team catcher: I was surprised that the weather was very cold, and since it was the first training today, I am satisfied that we had fun exercising together.] [Lee Kang-cheol / WBC national team coach: The beasts have been in good shape, and the pitcher is better than I thought

. I guess I’m a little late. Still, I think it was good for the first day of practice.]

Coach Kang-cheol Lee asked the players to be careful of injuries and to improve their physical condition.

The WBC national team, which has successfully completed its first training session through the cold, will have an evaluation match with NC tomorrow to adjust their sense of practice.

The NC game will be played in 7 innings, and 7 pitchers will throw 1 inning each.

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