Is this your first time here? Korean culture, etiquette, even training attitude… Reliable ‘N-year’ foreigners

Generally, foreign players are busy adjusting to the new team culture before the season. However, there are foreign players who spend their time 180 degrees differently. He leisurely prepares for the season, and even informs other foreign players of his know-how and ‘honey tips’. The main characters are long-lived foreign players who have been playing for a long time in the K-League and have been active for several years.

First of all, Harrison Delbridge (Incheon United) is an Australian center bag wearing an Incheon uniform in the last 2021 years. It is already the third winter field training. This time, he helped adapt to the team by spending time with ‘freshman’ Paul Jose Mpoku as a roommate. Not only Korean soccer, but also culture, etiquette, and training attitude were handed down. It is also positive that he was able to explain the characteristics of Incheon players.

Delbridge, whom I met at the field training in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, said, “Since the field training in Thailand, I have had many conversations with Mpoku while sharing a room. Mpoku is a player who has experienced various leagues and is professional, so I had no worries about adapting.”

Incheon acquired Eunpoku and Zerso through the winter transfer market. Zerso played for Jeju United last year, but Eunpoku is playing in Korea for the first time. It would have been difficult even if he had gone through several leagues such as England, Italy and Qatar, but Delbridge is actively helping and giving strength. Mpoh Ku also gave his thumbs up and thanked, “Del Bridge really helps.”

Daegu FC’s Sejinya and Edgar are also Brazilian players who are full of composure. Sejingya has been playing only in Daegu since 2016. Following last year, he wore the ‘captain’ armband for the second year in a row. Edgar, who returned to Daegu after overcoming a long period of injury, is also a player who has been responsible for the front line of Daegu for a long time. Prior to the season, Daegu acquired Brazilian players such as Baselus and Serato. Daegu, which was in the lower division last year, needs these players to rebound this year. This is a part that Sejingya and Edgar also know about. That’s why we manage and help them more meticulously.

“I feel the weight and responsibility of being the captain,” Cezinha said. “The new Brazilian players need to do well to get help. I think the team will become stronger when they can help other players. I will lead them well.” He emphasized exemplary behavior on and off the pitch. Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon also hoped that “Edgar and Sejingya will try to make use of Baselus’ strengths.” 메이저놀이터

FC Seoul also reported on the 15th that German striker Ilyuchenko became the new captain. Following Osmar in 2016, he became the second foreign captain in the history of the Seoul club. Ilyuchenko, who took his first steps in the K-League through a transfer to Pohang Steelers in 2016, has been active at Jeonbuk Hyundai since 2021 and wore a Seoul uniform in the transfer market last summer. He performed well with 9 goals in 33 league appearances. He rose to the rank of captain this year and led the team.

In the K-League 2, Bucheon FC’s veteran defender Nilsson Jr. cannot be left out. I have been playing in the K-League since 2014, so this year has already been my 10th year. In Bucheon, he joined in 2017 and was active for three seasons until the 2019 season, and returned to Bucheon last year. He also played for Busan I-Park and Anyang FC. Nilsson is also passing on his wealth of experience to other foreign players, even young domestic players. He said, “There are many young players in Bucheon’s center back line. We talk a lot so that young players can feel comfortable. Also, we talk a lot so that they can play with a sense of stability without being in a hurry or afraid. That way, even if you meet an experienced opponent, I can cope well and I can play the game well. Rather than soccer skills, it helps me to feel at ease.”

Nilsson said, “Since new foreign players are new to the team, we have to tell them about Korean culture or the style of the Bucheon team. He is telling me about ‘what attitude to train for.’ If I help him like that, I think we can come together without discord among our colleagues.”

As the quota for foreign players increased this year, the role of longevity foreign players became more important. They also actively get acquainted with the new players and help them. From the standpoint of the club and staff, there is no choice but to be reassured. The same goes for freshman players. Brazilian striker Thiago, who moved to Daejeon Hana Citizen, also expressed his sincerity, saying, “My teammate Leandro is helping me a lot.”

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