“It’s already the third time on the same team” Park Jeong-ah did not expect it, but Lee Go-eun went back

Lee Go-eun, who played an active role as a key setter at Pepper Savings Bank, returned to her former team Korea Expressway Corporation after one season and emerged as an issue. 

On the 26th, ㅋㅋㅋ벳the Korea Expressway Corporation officially announced through an official press release that “Lee Go-eun, who transferred to Pepper Savings Bank after acquiring the qualification as a free agent (FA) for the 2021-22 season, has been re-nominated as a transfer compensation player for Park Jung-ah.”

In addition, “Pepper Savings Bank, which recruited Park Jung-ah, who was in grade A with a basic annual salary of 430 million won and an option of 150 million won in the previous season, paid 200% of the annual salary (430 million won) to the road construction according to KOVO FA management regulations. We compensate Lee Go-eun with 60 million won.”

Lee Go-eun was recruited as the first FA player of Pepper Savings Bank in the 2021-22 season. At the time, the annual salary was 990 million won (300 million won annual salary, 30 million won option) for a three-year contract. He established himself as a veteran setter at Pepper Savings Bank, where there are many young players, and played an active role. However, by returning to his home team exactly after 1 year and 1 month, it is expected that there will be a big change in his upbringing.

In response, the Korea Expressway Corporation, who spoke with this magazine on the same day, said, “(At Pepper Savings Bank), I expected to release a defender or a promising player, but after seeing Lee Go-eun released, I needed a sense of immediate action, so I chose it without hesitation.” There was nothing that was done, and I knew it after seeing the official document (about Lee Go-eun’s release).” 

Pepper Savings Bank has yet to officially announce the development of Setter Gene. The current setters remaining on the team are Lee Hyeon, Gu Sol, and Pak Rang. Among them, Gusol is registered as a middle blocker due to Ha Hye-jin’s injury. I contacted him to hear the plan to operate the setter in the future, but the answer came back saying that it is difficult to convey a separate position because director Aachen Kim is currently unable to contact him due to personal circumstances.  

Previously, on the 19th, Park Jung-ah shared her thoughts on joining Pepper Savings Bank, saying, “It’s the third time we’ve become the same team (with Lee Go-eun), so if we try to match better, there will be good results.” 

The two worked together from IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and Road Construction to Pepper Savings Bank, drawing a main line that makes the youngest team look forward to this season. However, Lee Go-eun went back to road construction after one season and faced each other at the net. 

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