“It’s so comfortable not meeting other LG players” 6.5 billion FA transfer, a catcher’s life has changed

The moment when catcher Park Dong-won felt the happiest after transferring to LG has been revealed. 

The LG Twins won 11-1 in the 4th game of the season against the Doosan Bears in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 7th. As a result of this day, he ran 3 consecutive wins and recorded 18 wins and 11 losses in the season.

The protagonist of the victory was catcher Park Dong-won. He started as the 8th catcher and went 4 at bats with 3 hits (2 homers) and 4 RBIs, leading the match against Jamsil rivals. Park Dong-won hit two home runs and rose to the sole lead in this category. 

He hit a home run in his first at-bat. In the second inning, leading 2-0, with no runners, Doosan starter Gwak Bin passed the opponent’s left wall. It was an unfavorable count of 1B-2S, but he hit a high fastball (147km) and connected it to his 6th home run of the season. It was a home run in two consecutive games following the game against Changwon NC on the 3rd. 

The second at-bat메이저사이트 also stood out for his concentration in scoring position. In the 3rd inning, leading 7-0, he widened the gap by hitting a timely hit with 1 RBI from 1st and 3rd base. After watching Choi Seung-yong’s first pitch strike, he completed a multi-hit by aiming for a 142km fastball with the second pitch. 

Park Dong-won’s bat did not stop. In the 5th inning, leading 8-1, he hit a two-run homer with one out and first baseman to seal the game. He faced Kim Myung-shin and had a 1B-2S unfavorable count, but hit a low slider (125km) and reported his 7th home run of the season. It was the moment when he rose to the sole lead in the home run category thanks to two home runs in the first game of the season. 4 RBIs in a game was also the first time after moving to LG. The previous high was 2 RBIs. 

After the match, Park Dong-won said, “I don’t care too much about home runs. The priority is to help the team win more,” he said. “I hope the team wins as much as possible when I go out. I want to do a lot of high-fives with my teammates on the mound, and my fans applaud me a lot, so my biggest goal is to win a lot and receive applause from the fans.” 

Five of Park Dong-won’s seven home runs this year came after two strikes. Is there any trick? He laughed, saying, “I knew it for the first time,” and said, “I saw it at some point, and I picked out a lot of walks this year. It felt so good to see the ball well. Thanks to this, I try to see the ball better and wait for the course I want. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it doesn’t, but so far it’s going well.” 

As a result of this day, LG was able to maintain the top spot in team batting average and scoring position batting average. Park Dong-won, who contributed to this with two home runs, laughed and said, “Our lineup is really good without me,” and “I think it will be difficult to beat us easily. The players are doing very well. To be honest, I worry more about how to catch the opponent’s hitter better than hitting, but honestly, it’s difficult and burdensome with this level of batting line. However, it is very comfortable that I do not deal with this other line,” he said, evaluating the transfer to LG as a move of God.

He said, “I haven’t done that yet, but I want to tell you this when pitchers are having a hard time. ‘If you are the opposing pitcher, our batting line will not be easy. There was a time when I wanted to tell him, “Because the opponent is weaker than us, throw it comfortably.” When the opportunity comes, I intend to try it out.” 

The guidance of coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, who he met again after the Nexen days, also plays a part in his success. Park Dong-won said, “The director has changed a lot from before. He has also been to the United States,” he said. “I think the coach’s guidance is obviously very helpful. He explained that the director seems to have studied many things himself, so he is trying to follow a lot.” 

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