It’s strange, why don’t you use it?… Barça,’Man City-Munich’ interest in wall-back fullback

Joao Cancelo, called a world-class fullback, is receiving interest from Barcelona.

Spain’s ‘Sport’ said on the 11th (Korean time), “Barcelona is interested in signing Cancelo. Barcelona thinks it strange why Manchester City and Bayern Munich don’t appoint him as a starter. They are starting negotiations. I want to know more about his 메이저놀이터 attitude and mindset before.”

Cancelo is a world class fullback. He developed into a new type of player under Pep Guardiola, developing into a full-back with playmaking abilities. At the start of this season, he was given the number 7 shirt at Manchester City, hoping to show more outstanding performance.

However, in January, Cancelo had a conflict with manager Pep. Cancelo, who fell into sluggishness after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, increased the number of times he was excluded from the starting lineup. In the end, Cancelo expressed his dissatisfaction with Guardiola.

Pep did not back down easily. No matter how much he was used as a starting fullback, he boldly kicked out Cancelo because coach Pep insisted that no player was greater than the team. Cancelo, who could no longer play for Manchester City, moved to Munich. The transfer was swift. He signed a contract with a full transfer included. After the season, Munich can sign Cancelu for 70 million euros (approximately 94.7 billion won).

It seemed that he was continuing his career in Munich, but it was recently revealed that Cancelo could not adapt. Alphonso Davis already exists on the left fullback, and Kingsley Komang on the right quickly melted into Julian Nagelsmann’s tactics after changing positions. Cancelo, who decided to make a fresh start in Munich, became a duck egg in the Nakdonggang River. At this rate, there is a high possibility that he will never have a complete transfer.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Barcelona are showing interest in signing Cancelo. Barcelona don’t seem to understand why Man City and Munich don’t use Cancelo. Still, before pushing ahead with the transfer, we plan to discuss what Cancelo thinks about tactics and details.

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