Ji “Gimesh” So-yeon, the first women’s national team to compete in the new year… Lee Min-ah is excluded due to injury

The Korean women’s national soccer team will play its first match of the FIFA World Cup Year.

Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC), overseas players Lee Geum-min and Park Ye-eun (Brighton), etc.

Coach Colin Bell (England) of the women’s national soccer team held a press conference at the Soccer Hall in Sinmun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 26th and announced a list of 26 players to be summoned for February.

The national team will gather in about a month after conducting training for domestic teams in Namhae in December last year.

He trains in Ulsan from the 30th and departs on the 10th of next month to compete in the ‘Arnold Clark Cup’ held in England.

The Arnold Clark Cup is an international friendly women’s football tournament hosted by the Football Association of England. In February of last year, England, Spain, Germany and Canada participated in the first tournament.

This year, the Italian and Belgian women’s national teams will compete against Korea and England and face each other.

Korea will face off against England on February 16, Belgium on February 19, and Italy on February 22. Matches will be held in Milton Keynes, Coventry and Bristol respectively.

Ji So-yeon, the representative of the national team, who was unable to join the schedule from November to December due to an ankle injury, has returned to this list, and Lee Geum-min and Park Ye-eun, who play in England, are also listed.

Choi Yu-ri, Jang Seul-gi, Kim Hye-ri, Kim Jeong-mi (above Hyundai Steel) and other existing key players, including ‘young blood’ Cheon Ga-ram (Ulsan University of Science) were also selected.

However, midfielders Cho So-hyun (Tottenham) and Lee Young-joo (Madrid CFF) failed to participate in this call due to injuries, and Lee Min-ah (Hyundai Steel), who played a big role in the New Zealand evaluation match and the WK League championship match last November, was also unable to participate this time due to injury.

Only 23 players will participate in Ulsan training, and Lee Geum-min, Park Ye-eun, and goalkeeper Yoon Young-geul, who are staying there to join an overseas club, plan to join them locally.

Coach Bell said, “I think the Arnold Clark Cup will be an opportunity to adapt to the European style. All three opposing teams will have a lot to learn from their physical play.”메이저사이트

He continued, “It will be a good place to learn in the process of preparing for Germany, which we will face in the World Cup group stage, and other European teams that we are likely to meet later.”

“Most of our players are in pre-season, but players from other teams who will compete in the Arnold Clark Cup are in the middle of the season and it could work against us,” he said.

However, he emphasized, “It is important to take the time to check the players’ condition and build it up. I will check it well from Ulsan.”

◇ February women’s soccer team convocation list (26 players)

▲ Goalkeepers = Kim Jung-mi (Hyundai Steel), Yoon Young-geul (independent), Kim Kyung-hee (Changnyeong WFC), Ryu Ji-su (Seoul City Hall)

▲ Defenders = Sim Seo-yeon (Seoul City Hall), Hong Hye-ji , Lim Seon-joo, Kim Hye-ri, Jang Seul-gi (Hyundai Steel), Chu Hyo-joo (Suwon FC), Kim Hye-young (

Hansuwon) , Bae Ye-bin (Pohang Girls’ High School), Lee Geum-min, Park Ye-eun (above Brighton

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