‘KB Stars Stay’ Kang I-seul “I want to prove why I am a player who is being checked”

 “I want to prove why I was a player who was kept in check even though my performance and shooting success rate dropped.” It was the aspiration of shooter Kang Iseul (29, 180cm) who remained at KB Stars.

On the 19th, Cheongju KB Stars announced the news 온라인카지노of the contract with free agent Kang Isul. Kang Iseul and KB Stars signed a contract for 3 years and 350 million won. The total amount last season, including allowances, was 390 million won.

Iseul Kang said, “Last season, my performance was really bad. Nevertheless, he came to the club with an active intention to sign a contract. That’s something he’s grateful for. He felt that he had to work hard as much as he was grateful,” he said.

Kang I-seul was classified as the biggest free agent along with Kim Han-byeol (BNKsome). His contributions in his last season also ranked 11th. Teams that recruit players ranked 11th to 20th through FA negotiations must hand over 200% of the contract amount or compensation players excluding 4 protected players.

Were there any love calls from other teams? When asked about this, Kang Yi-seul said, “No. He didn’t show good performance last season, and there was a compensation player, so there was no contact. If he had been contacted, he would have been worried, but he had the idea that he wanted to recover from KB Stars, which had hurt his pride. He seems to have signed well,” he said.

Iseul Kang recorded 15.2 points, 6.6 rebounds and 2.7 assists in an average of 34 minutes and 18 seconds in 29 games last season. In the aftermath of his injury, his 3-point shooting percentage was only 29.9%. It was the first time since the 2013-2014 season (27.6%), the second year of his debut, that Kang Iseul’s three-point shot success rate fell below 30%. KB Stars also failed to advance to the playoffs for the first time since the 2010-2011 season, remaining at 5th place.

Kang Yi-seul said, “His pride was hurt a lot, but he has no one to blame. It was I who played the game. I don’t want to use the injury as an excuse, it’s in the past. Depending on what I do in the future, the evaluation of me will change again. If I do well next season, I wonder if I can recover my self-esteem.”

Kang Iseul continued, “The team also failed to make the playoffs in 12 seasons. It was a season that hurt the pride of both me and the team. In the off-season, I will grit my teeth and prepare to show you how to do well again. I want to prove why I was a player who was kept in check even though my performance and shot success rate dropped.”

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