KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin, who escaped from 5 consecutive losses, “Ragun-ah’s performance is key”

KCC, which has an emergency in 6th place Mercury, the final line of the playoffs, amid sluggishness of 5 consecutive losses, is set to rebound.

Jeonju KCC Egis will play the 5th round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular season against Changwon LG Sakers at Jeonju Gymnasium on the 5th.

KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin was wary of LG’s outskirts.

Coach Jeon said, “I allowed a lot of 3-point shots in the confrontation with LG, but I practiced to make it less hit. I plan to widen the range of player motivation. said.

In addition, Laguna’s role was also emphasized.

He said, “I plan to put Laguna one-on-one with Asem Marey in the beginning. There is. We have a difficult game because our rebounds are also low,” he pointed out.

KCC, which was worried about the height and the number 4 position, recruited Lee Jong-hyun through a trade.

Coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “There is no big man over 2 meters in our team. The only substitute for Lee Seung-hyun is Kim Sang-gyu, but he was not in normal condition, so Lee Seung-hyun ran a lot and was injured. It was hard to cover everyone from inside, so I got hit a lot by the opponent number 4. Teams with strong power forwards seem to be doing well,” he explained the reason for recruiting Lee. 먹튀검증

Regarding Lee Jong-hyun, coach Jeon said, “I had a slight ankle injury, so I took two days off and practiced as soon as I came. I think I will have to run for 10 to 15 minutes.” However, he did not show great expectations.

He said, “I practiced for two days, but it is unreasonable to talk about breathing with Laguna. I hope you play your role in defense and rebounding. LG Kim Jun-il is in good condition recently, but Kim Sang-gyu cannot do it alone.”

In addition, “It’s the same reason why I can’t use Calvin (Jeffrey Espitola) a lot. He is a player with strengths in attack and scoring. However, he has a big weakness in defense because he doesn’t know the opponent’s guard tendencies at all during the season. Breathing with our players is also good.” It’s not perfect, but since we’re a team that uses a lot of patterns, there’s a problem with not being able to lead in that respect.”

Manager Jeon Chang-jin said, “The opponent is a strong team in many ways. It’s not second place for nothing. The combination is well matched and there are many active people. We have to block the attack of Yoon Won-sang, who has shown good performances not only in our match but also in other matches, to some extent.” said.

On the other hand, coach Jeon also expressed difficulties about the atmosphere of the team recently.

He said, “(Ronde Hollis) Jefferson management became more difficult as articles about replacing Jefferson went out. As I went out as a knight, the team atmosphere was ruined. There was no substitute player, but the player’s dissatisfaction grew.”

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