Kim Do-hee (Sunae-cho, Seongnam), who won two gold medals in short track speed skating

“I want to grow into a world-class player like my role model Choi Min-jung.”

On the 3rd day of the 104th National Winter Sports Festival held on the 19th, Kim Do-hee (12, Sunae Elementary School, Seongnam) won the 1,000-meter elementary school short track in 1:37.235, winning two gold medals following the 1,500-meter the previous day.

Kim Do-hee, who put on skates for the first time when she was in the first grade, began her full-fledged athlete career when she entered the fifth grade. She lives in Seongnam, but she is honing her skills at an ice club in Hwaseong City. 바카라사이트

Kim Do-hee said, “She participated with the goal of winning her second gold medal in this competition, and she did not fall and was happy to get good results.” got the strength She is happy that she won multiple gold medals at her last national winter sports event in elementary school,” she said.

Coach Kim Yong-ha, who guides him, said that Kim Do-hee is following her hard training three times a day, her basic prayers are solid, and her understanding of her skills is high, so she expects further development He said he was a player.

Kim Do-hee’s strength in her is her stamina. She also excels at her smooth skating. In addition to her height, she is 166 cm · 46 kg, and her physique conditions are good.

She, Kim Do-hee, is also doing her personal training while looking for videos to become like Choi Min-jung, who has good stamina and her out-of-course strength.

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